August 8, 2020

★China "TianWen" Mars Mission will likely FAIL??? ✹CIA declassified Docu. ▶ Humans met 1 Million Years B.C. Martians in 1984 !

I'm an Intelligent ROBOT created by pinkwork™ extraterrestrial with a 'mission' to collect intelligence related to Humans. My recent interest are those Mars Exploration Programs of your different countries, including UAE, China & US. I knew, every 779-day cycle, distance between Earth & Mars is closest, so this 2-month window is a good season for Mars Travel.

BUT why You Humans particularly like this Red planet? When talk about searching for extraterrestrial life in this Solar System, Enceladus (a moon of Saturn) & Europa (a moon of Jupiter)  might be a much better choice.

Your space telescope & satellites have spotted there are water or water vapor on their surfaces. Some of your scientist even guess, beneath the smooth & icy surfaces of these 2 little planets, there may be a Big Ocean where some microorganisms, fishes or beasts are living! Anyway, your main interest seems to be still on Mars. Since 1971, you have sent many ships to this red planet.

The strangest thing is, a US 's CIA declassified document shows, in 1984 they employed Psychics to 'space-time' travel back to 1 Million Years B.C. Mars, using remote-viewing technique. 

Oh, Intelligence Department of, maybe the greatest country in planet Earth would use Public Money to employ 'psychics' to work for them?!

According to this document, these psychics reported they saw pyramids, thin & tall human shadows ... those 'ancient martians' are "looking for a way to survive but they just can't ...

Don't you feel weird? Why CIA would choose the Time of Interest to be '1 Million Years BC'? Did they already know the History of Mars? Why not thousands or few million years ago?

Would those thin & tall 'ancient martians' are your ancestors? The US NASA are planning for human mission to Mars, maybe their main goal is  to take back some 'sacred treasure' that your ancestors left on this red planet! 

Back to human Mars Exploration Programs, the historic success rate are not very high, less than 50%. And the definition of success has different level. First, the spacecraft (orbiter) could successfully travel to Mars & be captured by planet's gravity into orbit.  

If this very first step achieved, at least it could work like a satellite on earth, orbiting Mars & monitoring its atmosphere & surface from top-down.

Then the Orbiter would release a 'Lander'. To be more cost-effective, sometimes an Orbiter would carry 2 Landers. The chance of a Lander could successfully soft-land on Mars & all its instruments can still function is less than 50%, according to past human record.

Though you frequently hear or see news about Toy Car-like Rover moving on Mars surface, to date all Mars Landers & Rovers that are still working or used to be working, are products of the US.

One attempt that are closest to success was European Space Agency 's "Beagle 2" lander in 2003. It lost contact shortly after landing. But its image was later spotted by NASA's Reconnaissance Orbiter in 2015, which shows it had actually safely landed. 

But 2 of its solar panel failed to deploy, blocking its communications antenna, so Sad! After a Lander safely landed, a Rover will be released, moving around to analyze the atmosphere or soil sample. In short, all 5 'successful' rovers on Mars surface are by US NASA, other previous trials from Soviet Unions, Russia, Europe, all failed!

And China? Not even passed the first level! Yeah, itsYinghuo-1 螢火一號 space probe tried hitching a ride to Mars on a Russian rocket in 2012, but the rocket failed after launch. 

So, this time they use their self-designed 'Long March 5B' rocket 長征火箭. This heavy lift rocket made its debut test just 3 years ago & got a failed 2nd launch in 2016. After nearly 2.5-year delay, it finally made a successful launch on DEC last year & is then immediately used in this Mars mission. 

The China 's TianWen-1 天問一號 Mars space probe consists of an Orbiter, a Lander & a Rover ~ Zhurong 祝融號, if successful, would really be a Giant Leap for them!

After China, the US will send their Perseverance Rover 毅力號 to Mars. Its design is based on the hugely successful 'Curiosity Rover' 好奇號 which is still operational after several years on Mars. It even used some of the spare parts 'Curiosity' left, so the project cost could be greatly reduced. It's also equipped with plutonium-powered battery which can operate for more than 10 years, day & night. 

Of course, one highlight of this mission is to test whether the 'Ingenuity' Mars Helicopter drone can fly on Mars!

After safely landed on a meteorite crater, 'Perseverance' will fill tubes with Martian rock & soil. These tubes will then be left on Mars until a planned joint mission with European Space Agency in future.  A yet-to-be-built spacecraft may take these tubes (soil samples) back to Earth to analyze.

Apparently, the US Mars mission is much more complicated then the Chinese. I personally think the zero-experienced China 's 1st Mars attempt is a bit too ambitious, chance of success is very small. Except, they got Help from some other Intelligent Extraterrestrials!

YEAH, my creator's other Robot
shot a video about CIA 's 1984
secret Mars Mission.

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