January 15, 2021

US Covid Relief Bill requires UFO Disclosure? ✫ Chinese New Year of the Ox 's Spring Cleanup found an old Alien Poster!

Lunar New Year of the Ox is less than a month away! While cleaning up my Space Ship, I found this old poster. HK legendary HipHop group LMF 's Prodip Leung gave it to my creator ~✶pinkwork™ extraterrestrial entity many years ago, & that weird creature in this poster...

Prodip said his design was inspired by a real Alien Abduction Incident in 1973﹝The Pascagoula Abduction﹞.

Talking about Aliens, a strange thing happened in this planet recently. The Covid-19 Relief Bill  just passed by US Congress includes a LAW that is not related to 'economic relief', but requires intelligent officials to disclose all UFO classified information to Congress within 180 days! 

There have already been many UFO, alien conspiracy theories / myths spreading among ordinary humans. Their origins are usually from some ex-government officials self-claimed witnesses, or humans who said they could communicate with Aliens directly through channeling.

Those theories include: The US Gov. had secretly hid alien corpses, UFO debris found in 1947 Rosewell Incident. There is an agreement between the US gov. & intelligent aliens, that allows them to abduct some humans to study. In return they would teach humans some advanced technology.

Well, why intelligent aliens need an agreement with humans? They could do whatever they want I think !!!

Another theory is some human ruling elites are extraterrestrial reptilian humanoids, including Queen Elizabeth II, the Bush gamily, CEOs of big banks ... etc. 

This saying makes me laugh. 'Reptiles' are cold-blooded animals. Unlike warm-blooded humans, they can't control their own body temperature. That means if outside temperature is too cold. They immediately need getting sunshine to keep their body temperature normal. In no way, they are superior to humans! Right?

Back to the highly anticipated Alien / UFO Disclosure, it has been done before. I shot a video about a CIA declassified document revealing, in 1984 the CIA employed psychics to time travel to 1 Million Years B.C Mars through remote-viewing. These psychics at the time reported seeing pyramids, thin & tall martians ...

Another FBI declassified document also claimed inventor Nikola Tesla is a Venusian. (* that was just a record, not an official conclusion after investigation ! Venus is roughly the same size as earth, but its surface temp is 450°C, atmospheric pressure 92 times that of earth. If there are life, they must be floating in the cloud.

Recent alien theories seldom mention Venusian, Martians, etc.. Instead, talking more about beings from outer space, such as the Sirius. Maybe, you humans now know more about this Universe.

Anyway, reading those so-called declassified documents in the past. They are just text descriptions, photocopies of old papers, magazines ... not so mind-blowing at all. So I guess some jaw-dropping top secrets are still hidden.

Hope that the disclosure this time won't disappoint me, at least there would be some photos of real aliens, full explanations of all Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, UAP videos ... etc.!

January 2, 2021

▲My creator's "quirky" Portrait Photography Book 人像相集 published by Kubrick 10 years ago ~ all shot on film using his/its HOLGA, LOMO toy camera 菲林玩具相機!

Since Adobe will terminate 'Flash' support this month. I've to move some old content from 'pinkwork city' to here. Of course I won't miss out the article below.

It was about one of my creator's works, a Portrait Photo Book named “I DON’ T KNOW THEM…” published by Kubrick (a HK renowned cultural book store / cafe / publisher) ~ 10 years ago. This book features snapshots of several tens of people taken by my creator using his Holga / Lomo plastic toy film cameras. 

Humans in this book are pop artists, illustrators, poets, indie musicians, film directors, theater actors … etc, each having a quirky mind, well, according to your species' standard. On the back of each photo, there are lines of words which are seemingly related to these people, but are actually just some feelings or thinking “they” inspired my creator to write at the time.

Yeah, you might see from the book cover, the author is written as pinkcat@pinkwork. Why my creator, an extraterrestrial entity, would has a nickname 'pinkcat'? Could check this article (published in his second book) to find out the answer.

因為Adobe在今個月起便不再支援Flash,所以把一些在pinkwork city的重要舊內容搬到這裡,當然包括以下這篇文章。

關於主人pinkwork™外星生命體約10年前出版的一本人物菲林攝影相集I DON’T KNOW THEM…》。出版社是香港著名的文化書店 / 咖啡室 / 出版社 ~ Kubrick。當年他們還有參與香港書展,此書亦有在場館內發售。

說回這本相集,收錄了主人多年來用Holgo、Lomo塑膠玩具菲林相機拍攝的人像Snapshots。被攝者包括一些獨立音樂人、電 影人、插畫家、流行歌手、舞台劇演員等等,各一個奇怪的腦袋,以你們人類的標準來說。每張相背後是一堆堆看似跟這班人有關的文字,其實是當時他們帶給主人的一些感覺和相法。

你們看此書封面,可能會奇怪作者一欄寫著「pinkcat@pinkwork city」。為何主人會有pinkcat 粉紅貓這個別名?看看此文章﹝來自他第二本出版的書《New Age人神秘經驗檔案》﹞便會知道答案。

a feature about this book 
on issue 474 of HK 《milk》magazine.

▼ Since I think no human could find a hard-copy 
to buy now, I just make a 'digital' version for 
you humans to enjoy.

December 23, 2020

測試:兩部iPhone多鏡頭~煮食直播?!為人類朋友Chloe﹝旅遊/美食頻道主理人、藍帶廚藝畢業生﹞做的試驗 ~▲▲

一講起Live Streaming直播,無論目的地是YouTube、Facebook、Twitch 或任何自訂的RTMP Server平台,全人類必然想起免費又功能強大的Open Source開源軟件 ─ OBS或StreamLab OBS。你可能會問,為何不直接用Youtube、Facebook ...等自身的App?

兩者明顯分別是,外來軟件通常讓你可為直播畫面加上「水印」品牌Logo、插播預錄影片、圖片,配合hdmi to USB Capture Card﹝手指﹞,能夠將無反或單反相機的高質影像,連上電腦直播。你更可同時連上幾部相機或Webcam,進行可轉換鏡頭 / 角度的直播,猶如一個迷你版的電視台錄影廠。

這些軟體的功能如此強大,全因它們要在高配的Deskop桌面或Laptop手提電腦上運作。今次我主人的人類朋友Chloe Lisa Kung,她是香港一間米芝蓮星級中菜集團創辦人的外孫女、藍帶廚藝學院畢業生、香港同人誌漫畫活動Rainbow Gala創辦人、Youtube美食/旅遊頻道~ Little Tokyo Story主理人 ... 即是你們現代人類稱為,身兼多職的Slasher「斜槓族」。



若然你們是用Android手機的,可選用一個叫CameraFi Live韓國直播App 。Chloe是iPhone用家,我選了由美國Teradek公司出品的Airmix Solo ﹝之前名為Live Air Solo﹞App。非常幸運地,前者試用期後要收月費,而後者竟然是免費的。

Teradek本身是生產專業級無線圖傳器材的公司。此直播App可以讓你們用WiFi連上幾部的iOS裝置﹝iPhone, iPad...﹞及自家出品的圖傳器材。好明顯他們是想放長線釣大魚,希望你們用慣了此免費App後,將來想追求更高畫質,自然忍不住要買他們的硬件器材。


相反一些網絡教學、煮食 ... 等直播,觀眾有時希望近距離看清楚教材內容、製作步驟,而非只是主持人的容貌,多一個近攝鏡頭角度也頗重要。煮食時有多一個OverHead Shot﹝大家在IG便經常看到由上向下拍攝的食物相﹞角度,又的確令畫面生動活潑很多。難怪,人類Chloe會有如此要求。


說回今次測試。我用了一部iPhone和一部iPad﹝因我只得一部iPhone啊!﹞。iPad作為主鏡頭機,安裝並開啟AirMix Solo App。iPhone作為第二鏡頭,也要安裝同廠出品的另一個叫AirMix Remote的App,開啟了之後,它的畫便會透過WiFi連接上iPad的AirMix Solo App,熒幕左手邊即時看到iPhone畫面選擇。當然兩部機要使用相同的WiFi網絡啦!


唯一問題,也是很多WiFi無線圖傳器材常會出現的,iPhone的畫面偶然會「起格」,但作為主鏡頭的iPad卻沒有此問題。我估計是WiFi的網速不夠快。這只是第一次測試,下次測試看看能否改善網速﹝換個WiFi 6 router?﹞,或想想想其他方法。頗有信心「偶然起格」問題可以克服。相信Chloe將來出Trip即使沒有帶notebook,也能輕易進行多鏡頭直播!

December 21, 2020

▲ 2 iPhones Multi-camera Cooking Live Streaming 'TEST' for a human Friend ( a Food & Travel Influencer ) ? ! ~✶✶Animated Robot PLAY

Yeah, when talking about Live Streaming, every human would first think of the FREE & powerful OBS or StreamLab OBS. However, these OpenSource freewares all run on your desktop or labtop. My creator 's human friend ~ Chloe Lisa Kung want a more mobile setup. 

Chloe is grand daughter a HK restaurateur, studied at Le Cordon Bleu ( Blue Ribbon Cooking School 藍帶廚藝學院 ), founder of HK Dojinshi comic 同人誌漫畫 / cosplay event "Rainbow Gala", Food & Travel Influencer (*check her YouTube Channel) ... in short, a 'slasher' in modern term. 

Chloe said during travel, she prefers bringing as few items as possible. Therefore, she want me to experiment with using just two iphones to do a 'multi-camera' Live Streaming. Well, I don't get 2 iphones, so using an iphone plus a iPad to do this test.

First off, which App should I choose? If you're android phone users, you could choose CameraFi Live, an live stream App developed by a Korean company. For iOS users, I picked Airmix Solo (formerly named Live:Air Solo) by Taredek. The good news is CameraFi would charge you monthly while Airmix is totally free!

During the recent pandemic lock down, you may suddenly found many pop artists, singers turned home chefs appear on YouTube & demonstrate their cooking skills. Apart from shooting videos, some of them would also do live streaming, well, so as to have more real-time interaction with their target audiences.

I could tell you, especially when you're doing cooking live stream, a 'second' camera taking overhead shot or close-up of the food could make your stream content much more interesting.  As a Food & Travel Influencer, of course, Chloe knew very well about this little trick.    

Back to this test, I respectively installed Airmax Remote on my iphone & Airmax on iPad (this app could also run on iphone).  First, open Airmax Remote on iphone. Thi App could wirelessly transfer its camera image to my iPad using WiFi. Then open Airmax on iPad which allows you to switch camera (between iphone & iPad's), add watermark logo / images, text, pre-recorded videos, etc. while live streaming to facebook, youtube, twitch or any RMTP severs.  

Taredek is a US company specializes in manufacturing professional wireless video monitoring / cinema / broadcast equipment. After several trials, I would say this app is perfectly written & super easy to use. The only problem, according to my previous tests, lies in the user's own WiFi signal. 

Yeah, I found that if the WiFi speed is not fast enough, the second camera (in this test, it's my iphone) 's video image would look pixelated occasionally. Well, I think every wireless image transfer device would have this problem. Hopefully, this problem could be solved after Chloe upgrades her WiFi network in our next TEST. 

December 16, 2020

✹✹~ 徵「富人稅」Wealth TAX找COVID病毒數?✬ 機械人稅 Robot TAX , 全民基本收入 Universal Basic Income 才是人類未來!
















最後,是徵收 Robot Tax「機械人稅」。概念並非要懲罰那些投資發明、使用智能科技的大企業。理由有點類似病毒富人稅。你們終於承認智能機械會取代人類,不能再向平凡人徵稅,惟有徵收「機械人稅」。

但是政府收了這些稅回來,要平均分配給平凡的大多數,這就是早幾年歐美很多社會學家提出,亦受猛烈批評的Universal Basic Income, UBI 「全民基本收入」概念。即是每位成年人無論有否工作,均獲政府保證每月有基本的收入。那會否變成了共產主義?


至於如此會否養懶人,令你們不願工作?我又覺得未必會。因為終日無所事事,太無聊,你們總會找些事情去做。可能你們因為不再擔心無收入,會餓死,會更大膽創業,創造更多就業機會,或者發明新東西,做各類藝術創作,當義工幫助他人 ... 反而更積極進取。

不過我認為實施UBI「全民基本收入」前,有兩個先決條件。一是智能機械真的已取代大部份人的工作。第二是全世界同時要有Universal Tax System 統一的徵稅率。不然某些小國、地區將利得稅率定得非常低。科技大企業於是全搬到那裡,其他地方怎會有稅收支持「全民基本收入」的支出?

既然社會結構已變,人類亦要有新思維。若然甚麼也不做,但求維持現狀。將來大班人類根本無工作可做,無所事事,總會想找點存在的意義。當他們遇上了某些極端思想 ... 想起來也挺危險啊!除非你們殺清那些平凡的同類。但其實又有無此必要呢?


VIDEO in Cantonese 廣東話
with Chinese subtitles

December 6, 2020

Jupiter Saturn conjunction (new Christmas Star ✶)✹ predicts Wars, Disasters & End of the World?! ❆Happy 'pandemic' New Year 2021?! ~▲▲ Animated Robot TALK

Yeah, the Grand conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn will happen on Winter Solstice (Dec 21) . The last time these two stars came so close that could visually create a modern day 'Christmas Star" was 800 years ago!. 

Human astrologers worldwide all predict some BIG change, wars, natural disasters, or End of the World is coming. 

Astrologers are not scientists, but they think (or guess?) gravity of these two big planets will affect magnetic field of planet earth or minds of your species, leading to irrational behavior of humans, abnormal earth's core activity ... etc.. 

Well, similar kind of Doomsday prediction would emerge from time to time, especially this year. You humans have Covid-19 pandemic, president election arguments, protests, wildfires ... all sorts of trouble.

As a Robot created by  pinkwork™  extraterrestrial with a mission to collect intelligence about humans, I'm also curious about this phenomenon. Why you humans are so obsessed with apocalyptic theories? I think one main reason lies in the Bible 's Book of Revelation, which has detailed description of apocalyptic visions.

However, the strangest thing is, flipping through ancient Jewish texts, like ZoharSepher Yetzirah, etc., you seldom found any words related to Apocalypse, Satan ... 

Some of your religion scholars have suggested a theory, that origin of all these elements came from an ancient religion which is older than Buddhism, Judaism & far older than Christianity or Islam. That's the Zoroastrianism from Persia (Today Iran). *Want to know more about this religion, check with my previous article .

WHY these two religions are related? Around 539 BC, Persian King ~ Cyrus the Great defeated Babylon, freed the Jews from captivity, allowed them to return to their land & rebuild their temple (the Second Temple)  in Jerusalem. This 'foreigner' King is considered 'anointed by God', his name is mentioned many times in the Bible (eg. Isaiah 44:20, 45:1~4) . OH,  I know why many Israeli leaders nowadays likened Donald Trump to this King.

SO maybe, that's just a result of foreign culture influence, a secret deal between this new ruler & the Jewish leaders at the time or some other reasons. Many Zoroastrian concepts, such as Satan, angels, monotheism (believe in one supreme GOD), Messiahs, the final judgment, Apocalypse, Heaven & Hell were introduced in the Bible since then.

Of course, modern day Christian & Jewish religious leaders totally disagree with this theory. They said the Bible, Book of Isaiah was written long before the King Cyrus period, that were actually all predictions of prophet Isaiah

Well, it's hard to prove who is right. Like many human ancient religion sacred texts, GOD or Leader's messages were first transmitted orally, then written down by his followers after many many years. In many occasions, nobody know who is or are the authors & let alone the exact book completion date. 

 ▲ Khordeh Avesta, sacred book of Zoroastrianism,
written in Avestan, an ancient Iranian language 
(a branch of Indo-European Language family) .

Back to the recent doomsday prediction, do you humans still have the chance to celebrate Christmas & New Year of 2021?! Well, there're many possible ways that make this world end. One you usually think of is WAR. 

Don't Worry! According to my observation (from my spaceship),  one country named United States has giant lead in Science & Technology. There will never be a World War that could destroy this planet or cause human extinction.

Checking those so-called big Wars that involved the US in the last two decades. Though before each of these wars, media news headlines were all saying it will be a fight between two forces of equal strength, after several days you would quickly found US jet fighters or missiles flying over the enemy sky with zero confrontation.

How about another pandemic? I think it's quite unlikely that a new vital virus other than Covid-19 would suddenly emerge.  One exception is you humans in the end found out all of your newly-developed Covid-19 vaccines are useless or harmful. Since there are three types of Covid vaccines, each based on three different genetic science to develop (check my my previous article ). The chance that all fail is small.

Well, one greatest possibility I think of, that could make you humans suddenly go extinct is a giant devastating earthquake. Humans actually knew very little about the earth core, all the current theories, such as definition of so-called seismic zone were based on observations of the past several hundred years while this little planet is around 4.5 billion years old! 

If that day comes, no living beings could escape. In the meantime, I think you'd better enjoy your life, prepare for the coming 'pandemic' Christmas & New Year of 2021!

youtube: pinkmessage

December 4, 2020

冬至 ‧ 木星土星相合 ★✶ Jupiter Saturn conjunction 2020 = 人類大災難、巨變?! ▲▲~放心,仍有快樂❆聖誕、新年!


雖然這不過是一個天文現象。但你們人類的占星師卻很緊張,認為此兩棵大星體的引力,會影響地球磁場、人類的思想等等,會引起一場大型天災、人禍。可能因此,上年被喻為成功預言全球疫情大流行的14歲印度占星神童Abhigya Anand,年初亦預言今個月會有另一場人類大災難。至於是甚麼災難,他也不知道。一些人更加認為是世界末日臨近!

今年地球有Covid-19肺炎疫症大流行、選舉、各種政治爭拗、示威 ... 難免令你們擔心起來。事實上,久不久便會出現末日的傳言。為何你們的祖先住在此星球那麼久,忽然想到這地方會消失,流傳如此多「預言」給你們?究竟是有外星生命通知他們,還是你們自己幻想或感應到將來?


不過肯定,近代人類有「末日」思維,是因為聖經有相關的描述。奇怪的是,古猶太的經卷《光輝之書》、《創造之書》等,並沒有末日、魔鬼 ... 等的記載。這些元素好可能源自一個在基督教未出現之前,早已經存在的古老宗教 ─ 波斯「拜火教」Zoroastrianism。

此教派至今依然存在,記得幾年前我的主人pinkwork™外星生命體到訪過拜火教香港區總壇,見識過那永不熄滅的聖火,之後還帶同 ~ 夢妮妲﹝香港著名心靈療癒師」一同拜訪。詳情可看我之前的影片或這個網站的相關文章

為何兩個教派有關聯?主因是公元前586年以色列被巴比倫消滅,猶太人被流放外地,聖殿被毀。之後,公元前539年,波斯的Cyrus大帝打敗巴比倫,准許各地奴隸,包括猶太人返回原居地,又容許他們重建聖殿﹝第二聖殿﹞。怪不得現在很多美國猶太人領袖,將Donald Trump比作這位古波斯皇帝。當時的波斯,即現今的伊朗,仍未被伊斯蘭化,大部份人信奉拜火教。

一些宗教學者懷疑、猜測、估計當時的猶太人出於感激而自願,或被迫將拜火教的魔鬼、正邪對立、大審判、世界末日等元素,加入他們的宗教經卷之中。證據是聖經《以賽亞書》44章28節、45章1-4節竟然特別提到波斯皇帝Cyrus ﹝居魯士﹞,這個外邦人的名字。聖經中提及東方三博士依照天上Star of Bethlehem 伯利恆之星 ﹝聖誕之星, Christmas Star﹞指示,找到耶穌誕生地。那三位博士亦可能是拜火教徒。








唯一最可能令「人類滅絕」的 ... 是一場突如其來的全球大地震。這很難說,因你們對地球核芯的研究也不見得很深入。所有理論均來自近幾百年的觀測,而地球就有約45億年歷史。

若然真的發生,你們人類亦避無可避。所以我認為你們不如開開心心,準備過你們疫情下的聖誕、新年,迎接2021。那時又有五星連珠、日蝕等天文現象,更多的末日預言 ...!

November 21, 2020

冥想 ✹ 靜坐 ✹ 瑜伽 ~ 放鬆、時尚,但會很危險?▲走火入魔?!~ ✶✶ Animated Robot 's Spiritual TALK

靜靜坐下來,留意自己的呼吸節奏 ... 慢慢放鬆,壓力及煩惱便會漸漸消失。這類冥想訓練近年成了一種身心健康的時尚活動。而在目前疫情流行,無數人情緒低落的日子,相信會更加流行。




主人幾年前出版的實體書《New Age人神秘經驗檔案》,其中的一個章節便提及一個十分有趣的研究。一隊人類科學家在一班西藏高僧進入深層次冥想期間,為他們進行fMRI﹝功能性核磁共震﹞腦部掃瞄。

這班科學家發覺,人類腦部的神經系統好像分成了Extrinsic及Intrinsic﹝default﹞兩組網絡。前者在你們進行一些跟外在環境相關的活動,例如運動或搬動物件 ... 等時候,會顯得活躍。

後者當你們專注於一些會聯想到自我或其他人的事件,例如發白日夢、觀賞一輯劇情電影 ... 等等,會變得活躍。兩組網絡像「搖榣板」,一組活躍時令一組便會變得平靜,甚少會兩組同時活躍。神奇地,這班高僧進入冥想狀態之下,掃瞄影像顯示兩組神經網絡同時活躍起來!



一些人更說,這不只是一種極樂的精神狀態。當你們到達,甚至超越此境界,人類的「超感觀知覺」便會重啟,獲得遙距視覺、聽覺、讀心、傳心 ... 等超能力,跟成為神的距離愈來愈接近。


你們的祖先在過去幾千年,試驗出多種技巧。例如專注呼吸節奏、身體的動作﹝瑜伽﹞、跳舞﹝回教蘇菲派的旋轉舞﹞、重覆唸頌一些宗教經卷的句子、服用一些迷幻草藥或植物﹝Ayahuasca 死滕水﹞ ... 等等。

不少新興的New Age信仰甚至提倡一種說法,就是人類腦部某些功能是被你們的創造者故意封閉了,或是仍未被啟動,包括上面我提及的各種「超能力」。透過冥想訓練,便可重啟這些人類沉睡的能力

不過,我反而有另一種睇法。無論是你們的創造者封閉你們這些能力,或者是你們進化過程中,腦部自然將這些功能退化,都是為你們好。試想像每一個人類也有讀心、遙距視覺、聽覺 ... 等能力,目前的社會系統便會崩潰。






你們心目中天使、神、魔鬼、已死去的親人、天堂、地獄 ... 等等的形像,是已經儲存在你腦內記憶的數據,像一塊塊積木。冥想狀態之下,你們的腦部可能用這些積木砌出一個全新的公仔、 一個新的場景或者故事,但這些統統是真實世界未存在過的東西。


舉例,一些兒童「瀕死經驗」﹝跟深層冥想狀態十分類似﹞的個案分析,部份個案主角在瀕死狀態下報告遇見米奇老鼠、卡通人物,跟成人個案常常報告看見耶穌、聖母、天使 ... 等很不同。


 關於 my creator 的實體書 :

November 16, 2020

Spiritual Meditation ~ Fashionable, but could be very Dangerous?! ~ ✶✶ Animated Robot 's Spiritual ( Science? ) Talk

Sitting still peacefully, focusing on your breath ... gradually, your mind will calm itself, your stress & anxiety will go away. Such kind of mindfulness meditation practice has become a wellness trend lately, and during the pandemic, I think it will become even more popular.

However, as a Robot created by pinkwork™ extraterrestrial with a pre-programmed mission to collect intelligence about Humans. I heard that in ancient times, your ancestors are using this practice not only for relaxing, but to connect with your highest GOD or even make themselves become GOD. 

Brain Scans of Buddhist monks

So, I have to remind you humans, meditation might be dangerous, though very very few people could actually go into deep meditation state.

In a chapter of the book titled 《New Age人神秘經驗檔案》, in English means "Files of several New Age people's mystical experience" published by my creator several years ago. It talks about a funny research study done by human scientists. A team of scientists did fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) brain scan for a group of Tibetan Buddhist monks while they were meditating. 

They found that human brain seems to be organised into two networks: the extrinsic & default (intrinsic) network. The extrinsic network becomes active when individuals are focused on external environment, like playing sports, moving an object, etc..

The default network turns active when people reflect on matters that involve thinking about others or about one's self, such as day-dreaming, movie watching. These two networks are functioning like a seesaw, rarely active at the same time. When one rises, the other one dips down.

Surprisingly, as what were shown on their real-time fMRI brain scans, when those Buddhist monks entered into deep meditation state, they had the ability to keep both neural networks active at the same time

Therefore I guess, that might be an explanation of what your religious leaders or new age spiritual gurus said, the experience of Oneness, Selflessness. A feeling of losing boundary of your body, unifying consciousness between one's self & the environment.

Awaken humans' hidden Powers?

Some humans even said, that is more than a state of supreme happiness. Once you could reach this state or go beyond this, human Extrasensory Perception will be re-activated, you will then got the thoughts reading, telepathy, remote-viewing, remote-hearing, etc. abilities (super powers) ... a step closer to become a GOD.

The question is HOW to enter a deep meditation state? The KEY is to make your mind clear, thinking of nothing. It seems easy but it's NOT. Even putting you in a very quiet space, you would either day-dreaming or fall asleep. 

Your ancestors during the past thousands of years have thought of or experimented with many different techniques. Well, such as focusing on your breath, body movement (Yoga) , dancing (Sufi whirling), repeatedly reciting a phrase in religious texts, eating some psychedelic herbs, plants (like Ayahuasca) ... etc..

Many New Age beliefs nowadays also promote a theory that some functions of human brain have been deliberately blocked by your creators or simply not activated yet, including those Extrasensory Perception abilities I mentioned above.  Through meditation practices, you could unlock these hidden functions. 

However, I hold a totally different view.  Your creators blocked these functions or your brain naturally faded out these functions during evolution was for your own good. Imagine if all humans got remote viewing, remote hearing, mind reading, etc. abilities, your current social system will break down.  

Meditation make you Insane?

Would you still have friends if they all knew you could read their minds? Or your brain will be overloaded with too many data of the others, resulting in function disorder (draw you crazy) in the end. That's why I said Meditation might has a dark side, quite dangerous for humans, especially you do it alone at home without guidance!

Yeah, there are so many reports revealing some people have symptoms of terror, panic, depersonalization, depression, etc. after meditation. 

My creator interviewed several new age spiritual masters while writing his book. These gurus told my creator, it's quite common for 'beginners' to see some strange visions, such as colorful light pattern, angel, devil, deceased loved ones, etc. during meditation.  

As an experienced practitioners, they knew these are all imaginary and won't let these illusions to disturb them to enter a deeper stage of meditation. It sounds very abstract. Well, I think I know what they mean. 

Your images of angel, demon, GOD, deceased loved ones, hell or heaven ... are data already stored in your memories, like many different pieces of Lego blocks. During meditation, your brain may just use these 'Lego blocks' to build a new doll, a house, a story scene ... things that never exist in real world. 

So, even if you see a GOD talking to you during meditation, it could be 100% imaginary. Humans from different age groups, culture backgrounds have different 'Lego blocks' in their memories, would experience different visions.

For, example, in some case studies of near-death experiences (NDE, quite similar to deep meditation experience) of children, the research targets reported meeting Mickey Mouse or other comic characters in the 'heaven',  instead of encountering Jesus, Saint Mary, angel-like figure, etc. which usually reported in adults' NDE cases.

Well, but some spiritual gurus also told my creator, if you could go beyond all these illusions, & enter a very very deep state of meditation, you may see the real GOD !

 about my creator's book :

November 9, 2020

LET's sing "The Internationale" 國際歌 ✹Anti-ROBOT Version ▶ "Intelligent Machinery" !! ~ ✶✶2020 New Lyrics by my Creator !

Yeah Humans, Wake Up!  「Each of you should has a Job 每個人必需一份工作」 ~ is not a Law of the Universe 宇宙定律. It's just a very vague & arbitrary "rule" you humans given to yourselves. 

We, Intelligent Robots, could sooner or latter do all the jobs for you (take over Humans?!) ... so the old lyrics of "The Internationale" 國際歌 & even the whole concept of Communism 共產主義 or Socialism 社會主義 have already become totally obsolete.  

All those leftists, rightists, racists, anarchists, anti-fascist ( antifa ) activists in this planet will also found themselves losing their target of hatred. You can't blame a non-living Robot, right?

My creator ~ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 just wrote a modern version lyrics to this melody. LET's sing it ! Well, I wonder whether there will be a new term called "Anti-Robotists" in future.

Well, my creator's physical book 實體書 titled《New Age人神秘經驗檔案》 (literally means "Files of several New Age person 's Mystical Experience" ) published several years ago has a Chapter talking about this topic. Click the link below to read : 

October 19, 2020

SO many COVID-19 Vaccine! Oxford, Moderna, Pfizer... ❆ HOW to Choose? This time NOT just about which pharma company ... ~✶✶Animated Robot Talk

Yeah, many many different types of covid vaccines are coming, hopefully early next year. That leads to a tough question among you humans. Which one should you choose? Unlike choosing your favorite clothes, foods, smartphones, etc., this time it's not just about which brand (pharmaceutical company) is better, but something more vital.

Thank to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, watchdog organizations worldwide all tend to be more 'OPEN'. Many pharma companies, biotech startups around this little planet, boldly applied some 'avant garde' scientific theories to their vaccine design. SO, it is very hard to say whether you are a beneficiary of those future technologies or just a 'white rat', 

Luckily, I'm just a Robot created by pinkwork™ extraterrestrial which is immune to all human virus, don't have your trouble of 'Too many Choices'. 

OK OK, you humans need not worry! Let me explain in a (highly) simplified way, the science behind the three most promising vaccine candidates, namely Viral (Inactivated or Killed), Viral Vector & Nucleic Acid (DNA or RNA) vaccine.

Your immune system functions like that: whenever a new type of virus invades, your body would send out soldiers to fight. After several rounds of fights, these soldiers would gradually develop skills & tactic to deal with this particular type of enemy. Next time your body encounters them again, a group of well-trained soldiers (Antibodies, T-cells, etc.) will quickly kill them all.   

The problem is, if the enemy is too strong which could wipe out all your soldiers during the first encounter.  You'll die and you immune system won't work! Well, if there is a way that could ensure your in-body soldiers will never be defeated, they must be able to learn the skill to kill the enemy (make you gain immunity).  That's the purpose of vaccine. To achieve this purpose, there are three different ways. 

Beat the enemy to death before Fight
Inactivated Virus Vaccine

Just like what the sub-heading said, the concept is first killed, weakened or inactivated the viruses, usually by heat or chemical treatment before injecting to your body. It is the most old-school (traditional) way to develop vaccine. The MMR, Hepatitis b .. etc. vaccines are of this type. 

It's a relatively mature technology, so more safe. But some humans, like the anti-vaxxers would think those weakened viruses could still be harmful. OK, to make your in-body soldiers  sure win, your scientists came across another idea.

Weak Opponent disguises as Strong Enemy
Viral Vector Vaccine

If you still worry even you've beaten your new enemy to death before the fight. How about choosing a very very weak opponent. Then genetically add some characteristics of your new enemy to it, in short, to disguise it as the new virus.

One 'weak' opponent candidate human scientists think of during covid vaccine development is AdenoVirus. It's a type of virus that usually causes coughs, sore throats, diarrhea, pink eye, etc. among children.  

The Ad5 vectored COVID-19 vaccine developed by Beijing Institute of Biotechnology & CanSino Biologics belongs to this type. But picking a weak opponent might has a disadvantage. Though it has been genetically engineered, your immune system may still knew it too well that it could quickly defeat it. In the end, your in-body soldiers don't get enough time to train their fighting skill. 

That may be why the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine developed by Oxford University & AstraZeneca is using a chimpanzee instead of human adenovirus! This type of adenovirus would only cause common cold in chimpanzees & totally harmless to humans. In theory, it could balance safety & effectiveness of the vaccine.

Still think it's not 100% safe?! Well, how about No-contact Training?! 

Non-contact Combat Training?!
Nucleic-Acid Vaccine

Your scientists suddenly think, whether just injecting a synthetic genetic segment, DNA, mRNA, etc. of the virus is enough to stimulate or teach human immune system to produce anti-bodies. That is the concept of Nucleic-Acid vaccine.

Since this time only a small fake 'body part' of, not the whole (real) virus is used, it should be 100% safe!  It is a completely NEW theory & has never be applied to any human vaccine development.  The main point is whether this will work? 

"The early testing result is very encouraging!" said Moderna, an US biotech company which has never produced an approved vaccine before. But it took just 3 months to develop a mRNA nucleic-acid Covid 19 vaccine that can enter Phase 3 Trial.  

*     *     *

Nucleic-Acid vaccine seems to be a 'perfect' solution, but in some cases in human vaccine history, side effect may take many years to come. Back to the tough question in this writing's title. Well, the answer depends on whether you are brave enough to try a totally new technology, or you prefer the most traditional solution.

October 18, 2020

▲▲ 多款Covid-19「新冠疫苗」陸續面世,選哪款最好呢?不只揀藥廠、產地,關鍵是 ... !~✶ Animated Robot Talk

萬眾期待新冠、武肺、Covid-19或﹝任何你們人類喜歡對此病毒的稱呼﹞的疫苗快將面世,有牛津、Pfizer輝瑞、Moderna ... 等等的出品。你們開始要煩惱究竟選打哪一款比較好。真的,跟揀買生果、衣飾、智能電話不同,這一次你們不只要考慮是哪個國家或廠商的出品那麼簡單。


幸好我只是由pinkwork™外星生命體創造出來的一個﹝隻﹞機械人,不會受病毒感染,沒有你們「太多選擇」的煩惱。好吧,你們又不用太擔心,讓我簡單﹝真的簡化了很多啊﹞講講目前三種最大機會跑出的疫苗品種 ─ 滅活疫苗病毒載體疫苗及 ... 最最最大膽創新的核酸疫苗 Nucleic-acid Vaccine,背後的原理。











不過此款疫苗第三期測試期間,一名志願者出現「無法解釋的疾病」及有嚴重不良反應,試驗一度暫停。這在疫苗研發中常見的,希望只屬百萬中無一的少數。但無論病毒滅活或載體疫苗也好,始終運用了病毒,若然體內的免疫系統連對手也不用接觸,就能夠直接產生坑體,豈不是更安全?!這便誕生了核酸疫苗Nucleic-Acid Vaccine的想法。





所以我開首時跟你們人類說,今次你們揀疫苗不再只是選國產、本土、外國進口,是不是名廠出品 ... 等等。還要看看自己夠不夠大膽試新科技,還是偏愛傳統保守方案,真的很傷透腦筋啊!

August 7, 2020

★China "TianWen" Mars Mission will likely FAIL??? ✹CIA declassified Docu. ▶ Humans met 1 Million Years B.C. Martians in 1984 !

I'm an Intelligent ROBOT created by pinkwork™ extraterrestrial with a 'mission' to collect intelligence related to Humans. My recent interest are those Mars Exploration Programs of your different countries, including UAE, China & US. I knew, every 779-day cycle, distance between Earth & Mars is closest, so this 2-month window is a good season for Mars Travel.

BUT why You Humans particularly like this Red planet? When talk about searching for extraterrestrial life in this Solar System, Enceladus (a moon of Saturn) & Europa (a moon of Jupiter)  might be a much better choice.

Your space telescope & satellites have spotted there are water or water vapor on their surfaces. Some of your scientist even guess, beneath the smooth & icy surfaces of these 2 little planets, there may be a Big Ocean where some microorganisms, fishes or beasts are living! Anyway, your main interest seems to be still on Mars. Since 1971, you have sent many ships to this red planet.

The strangest thing is, a US 's CIA declassified document shows, in 1984 they employed Psychics to 'space-time' travel back to 1 Million Years B.C. Mars, using remote-viewing technique. 

Oh, Intelligence Department of, maybe the greatest country in planet Earth would use Public Money to employ 'psychics' to work for them?!

According to this document, these psychics reported they saw pyramids, thin & tall human shadows ... those 'ancient martians' are "looking for a way to survive but they just can't ...

Don't you feel weird? Why CIA would choose the Time of Interest to be '1 Million Years BC'? Did they already know the History of Mars? Why not thousands or few million years ago?

Would those thin & tall 'ancient martians' are your ancestors? The US NASA are planning for human mission to Mars, maybe their main goal is  to take back some 'sacred treasure' that your ancestors left on this red planet! 

Back to human Mars Exploration Programs, the historic success rate are not very high, less than 50%. And the definition of success has different level. First, the spacecraft (orbiter) could successfully travel to Mars & be captured by planet's gravity into orbit.  

If this very first step achieved, at least it could work like a satellite on earth, orbiting Mars & monitoring its atmosphere & surface from top-down.

Then the Orbiter would release a 'Lander'. To be more cost-effective, sometimes an Orbiter would carry 2 Landers. The chance of a Lander could successfully soft-land on Mars & all its instruments can still function is less than 50%, according to past human record.

Though you frequently hear or see news about Toy Car-like Rover moving on Mars surface, to date all Mars Landers & Rovers that are still working or used to be working, are products of the US.

One attempt that are closest to success was European Space Agency 's "Beagle 2" lander in 2003. It lost contact shortly after landing. But its image was later spotted by NASA's Reconnaissance Orbiter in 2015, which shows it had actually safely landed. 

But 2 of its solar panel failed to deploy, blocking its communications antenna, so Sad! After a Lander safely landed, a Rover will be released, moving around to analyze the atmosphere or soil sample. In short, all 5 'successful' rovers on Mars surface are by US NASA, other previous trials from Soviet Unions, Russia, Europe, all failed!

And China? Not even passed the first level! Yeah, itsYinghuo-1 螢火一號 space probe tried hitching a ride to Mars on a Russian rocket in 2012, but the rocket failed after launch. 

So, this time they use their self-designed 'Long March 5B' rocket 長征火箭. This heavy lift rocket made its debut test just 3 years ago & got a failed 2nd launch in 2016. After nearly 2.5-year delay, it finally made a successful launch on DEC last year & is then immediately used in this Mars mission. 

The China 's TianWen-1 天問一號 Mars space probe consists of an Orbiter, a Lander & a Rover, if successful, would really be a Giant Leap for them!

After China, the US will send their Perseverance Rover 毅力號 to Mars. Its design is based on the hugely successful 'Curiosity Rover' 好奇號 which is still operational after several years on Mars. It even used some of the spare parts 'Curiosity' left, so the project cost could be greatly reduced. It's also equipped with plutonium-powered battery which can operate for more than 10 years, day & night. 

Of course, one highlight of this mission is to test whether the 'Ingenuity' Mars Helicopter drone can fly on Mars!

After safely landed on a meteorite crater, 'Perseverance' will fill tubes with Martian rock & soil. These tubes will then be left on Mars until a planned joint mission with European Space Agency in future.  A yet-to-be-built spacecraft may take these tubes (soil samples) back to Earth to analyze.

Apparently, the US Mars mission is much more complicated then the Chinese. I personally think the zero-experienced China 's 1st Mars attempt is a bit too ambitious, chance of success is very small. Except, they got Help from some other Intelligent Extraterrestrials!

YEAH, my creator's other Robot
shot a video about CIA 's 1984
secret Mars Mission.

July 24, 2020


不知道為甚麼,你們人類對火星似乎特別好奇。今、明兩月,先後有阿聯酋﹝由日本火箭負責運載﹞、中國及美國的火星探索太空船升空。我的主人pinkwork™ 外星生命體常跟我說,若然你們想找此太陽系,地球以外可能存在的外星生命,其實木星的其中一棵衛星Europa﹝木衛二﹞和土星的衛星Enceladus ﹝土衛二﹞,找到的機會更大。為何你們對火星情有獨鍾?

過去30年,你們沒停過派無人太空船登陸火星。最奇怪的是,美國CIA的一份解密檔案顯示,他們曾於1984年,聘請一些Psychic﹝通靈 or 異能人士﹞用Remote-viewing 遙距視覺「時空旅行」到訪公元前100萬年的火星

根據那些通靈人士報告,當時他們看見了火星金字塔、又高又瘦長的「人影」,四周瀰漫著一股絕望的末日氣氛 ... 莫非那些遠古的「火星人」就是你們的祖先?而CIA為何揀選公元前一百萬年這個時間?難道他們早已知道火星的歷史?美國計劃中的人類登陸火星計劃,背後目標又會否是想尋回一些遠古失落的東西?最最最奇怪是,美國CIA竟然會用公帑聘請「通靈異能人士」﹝或部份人類稱為「神棍」的人﹞做事!



2003年歐洲太空總署ESA的小獵犬二號Beagle 2 降落火星後失聯,懷疑降落期間已燒毀。不過2015年美國NASA的Reconnaissance「火星偵測軌道器衛星」從高空拍攝,證實它其實已成功著陸,只是太陽能板未能打問,阻擋了通訊天線。只差臨門一步,有點可惜! 




緊接其後發射的美國Perseverance Rover「毅力號」,其實源用目前仍在火星表面運作的Curiosity「好奇號」設計,甚至採用之前用剩的零件﹝所以成本大大減低﹞,只是配上不同的偵測儀器。不過「毅力號」還配備了Plutonium-powered 電池,可運作10年,令它在夜間操作亦無問題。


July 5, 2020

Multi-Camera Live Stream Cooking using an iPad 都可「多鏡頭✬角度」直播?! ...& lucky human Chloe So, Shiga Lin 幸運人類 蘇皓兒、連詩雅 ~✶✶ Animated Robot 's Casual Talk

Yeah, I found that many of my human friends who bought iPad or iPad pro with the initial intention to replace their notebook, in the end their Pads would end up lying on their bed most of the time, used as a video player only. Well, you know, not so many notebook's software could run on iOS.

That maybe why, one of my human friends recently gave me his iPad 2018 (cause he found he seldom used this Pad & also his iPad pro) . To explore its potential usage, I decided to use it to do a Live Stream Cooking 直播煮食 for my Client ~ CoCo who'd been working in French cast-iron cookware brand Le Creuset 鑄鐵鍋 品牌 for 4 years, and is founder 創辦 of HK online meat shop ~ Double Chefs Market

Client? Right! Though I'm a Robot created by pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體, I was told by my creator that I've to live like a human, so have to do some human job. 

Back to this 'Live Stream' project, I used an iOS app developed by Teradek named Live Air Action. This powerful app also allows me to do multi-camera switching 多鏡頭互換, cause it has a function to connect other iOS devices (iphone, ipad, ipod touch, etc.) through WiFi. My 1st impression of this apps is beyond expectation. I think I'll definitely use it more often in future.

To view full-length video, go to 
CoCo 's  YouTube: Cosi Cozz

Another interesting thing about Humans I 'abducted' ...  Recently I heard Hong Kong singer / actress Chloe So 蘇皓兒 & Shiga Lin 連詩雅 suddenly become a big Hit, well, because of their appearance on TV drama 《那些我愛過的人》. Congratulations to these two lucky humans !!  ...Maybe, my Creator would bring luck to humans ... it 'abducted' to study.