January 15, 2020

The US Military Technology is Competing with 'Air'!✪✬ World War III? Totally fictional! ▲▲~ Animated Robot Talk

Yeah, there seems to be more conflicts among Humans recently. So you would see an old-school term "World War III" again on many human media. That also caught the attention of my creator ~✶ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial who immediately ordered me to go to this little planet to take a LOOK.

As a Robot created by an extraterrestrial entity, I was not so impressed by this term and could immediately conclude it's totally fictional. Yeah, World War III will never happen. When a "World War" or "Big War" happens, at least there should be two or more countries having similar level of military strength.  

NO US-Iran, US-China War

According to my observation, one country namely United States dominates this planet which could easily win any war or better say military conflict within a month. So, not only World War, US-Iran, US-China & US-Russia War (oh, this combination might has some chance, I'll explain latter.)  will NEVER come.

I knew you frequently came across those catchy headlines like "New Weapon to take out US stealth Fighters", "Aircraft Carrier Killer Missiles threaten the US Navy", "China's J20 can take down F22?", etc. on your media, make you feel like several emerging countries have developed some new weapons that can really threaten the US.

Maybe it's those US defense contractors deliberately ratchet up the crisis atmosphere so as to get more government contracts, or media simply want to attract readers. If you go to check humans' past 25-year aerial warfare history, you'll found the total combat losses of US military aircraft is less then 10!

During the Gulf War in 1991, hundred US's A10 Attack Aircraft destroyed more than 900 Iraqi tanks, 2,000 military vehicles,1,200 artillery pieces, 2 armed helicopters, etc. and only 4 were shot down by the enemy. From this figure, you could clearly see the US military technology supremacy 30 years ago. And this gap is becoming bigger & bigger. Now, the US are using drones to do similar type of mission. 

Some humans would argue the Soviet military strength was once very close to the US. Only because of lack of budget make the modern Russia fall behind. The real situation is, US has taken the lead in all technological aspects since Vietnam War.  Oh, Did they really get the help from those fallen Aliens in Area 51?!

Even Propeller Planes can Win

You Humans don't know, the US Military Technology nowadays is actually competing with some non-existent, totally imagined enemies .

For example, in 1974 they imagined the enemy's radar was so sensitive that would make their bombers vulnerable to attack. So they invented the supersonic bomber B1 which can fly at very low altitude to avoid radar detection. Then in 1989, a more advanced & priecy  ($2.1 billion each) stealth bomber B2 came into service. 

But in real war, the US Army seldom used these high-tech bombers. Well, they usually just needed to launch dozens of Tomahawk cruise missiles hundred miles away from the War Zone. The enemy's anti-aircraft ability would be completely destroyed. Then, even an old-fashioned propeller plane could comfortably fly over the enemy's sky.

You think I'm kidding? The US Air Force's famous deadly "gunship" AC-130 is modified from turbo propeller powered transport aircraft C-130 which first entered combat in 1960s during Vietnam war. After more than 40 years, though numerous experts have predicted these 'old' ships could become easy targets of enemy's missiles and will retire soon, they are still in service & very active in modern war zones.  

Old Models Stay 
Advanced Jets Forced to Retire

Ironically, old propeller model could stay, many advanced planes with brilliant kill records are forced to retire, such as A10 I mentioned above. Many other well-known names are also in this retirement queue, including F15, F16, F18, etc.. 

Reason? The US Army imagined, some enemies in future may be able to invent a new type of stealth aircraft which could threaten their Air force. So in 2007, the so-called world most- advanced & expensive ($2.1 billion each) stealth fighter F22 Raptor entered service. Since this aircraft is so superior It can't find any enemy to fight, and so expensive, even the US Army has the budget to buy 195 units. In 2010, F22 was forced to cease production. 

At the same time, the US Army also requested a new type of supersonic & multi-purpose stealth aircraft to replace the current A10, F15, F16 & F18, which gave birth to F35 Lightning II fighter. F35 is less expensive than F22, around $0.8 ~ $1 billion each, but that doesn't mean it's just a cheaper version of F22, instead it has a more revolutionary software design.

F35 could share real-time data with other aircraft, drones, surface platforms securely, let them fight as a network.  That's why all F35 buyers, except strategic ally Israel, are not allowed to customized the fighter's software. Well, for the manufacturer, it generates even bigger business opportunity then selling the plane itself.

You could expect, once you've bought these planes, you have to keep handing over money to the manufacturer, paying all sorts of maintenance & software update fee. If you don't pay, or you suddenly become an enemy or friend of enemies of the United States, your planes may not be able to fly. Even if it could take off, its fate may be like those two unlucky Boeing 737 max.

I'm not exaggerating, last month Adobe users in Venezuela were suddenly informed they can't use Photoshop & Illustrator any more because of US sanctions. Luckily,  Adobe finally got a license from the US government. If something is related to National Security, you could imagine the result.

Why would We want a 
World without Russia?

F22 has export ban because of its advanced stealth technology, though there is a rumor saying this ban may be released soon cause Donald Trump is pushing Japan to buy some of this expensive weapon to reduce bilateral trade deficit. 

At this moment, F35 is still the only choice and has already dominated the Western fighter market. SO the US Air Force will continue to lead this world for decades.

The Russians seem totally understood this, won't spend any more money to replace their obsolete One & Only One Aircraft Carrier. When talking about technological competition, just an 'inch loss' would mean lost everything.

Unlike a few of those naive emerging countries which are still pouring money into all sorts of weapon. Their stupid leaders think showing off some quirky shaped 'new' weapon in military parade could frighten the US, is simply a kind of self-delusion. Instead, the Russians always prepare to fight, therefore focus on developing lethal hypersonic missile & nuclear weapon. 

They know the ~6,400 nuclear warheads they possessed (oh, other much-hyped emerging powers has just ~250), even all intercepted by the enemy, the radioactive pollution could still destroy this whole planet. The Russian president Putin once said in an interview "Why would we want a World without Russia?"

That seems cold-blooded! BUT only a weapon arsenal of this scale, can make this planet's superpower ~ the US take some consideration before taking any action.

January 12, 2020

美軍科技一直與空氣競賽!何來「World War III 世界大戰」呢?!~✶✶Animated Robot Talk

主人pinkwork™ 生命體常常叮囑我這個﹝隻﹞機械人去搜集更多人類的情報。講到「情報」,除了衣食住行,你們人類必定聯想到「軍事」。不過這方面有點沉悶,此小小星球長期一國獨大,實在沒甚麼有趣、特別的事情可匯報給主人聽。

只不過近期人類之間多了點爭執,於是你們的報章、雜誌、網媒等等,又常常出現「World War III 第三次世界大戰」一詞。老實說,我看了覺得很鶻﹝核﹞突和摸不著頭腦。但是為免主人覺得我偷懶,還是寫篇文章向主人交差。














螺旋槳戰機可以保留,且前途一片光明。之前提過,戰績彪炳,成本效益又高的A10攻擊戰竟然要退役。不單止,排在「退休」隊列的,還有很多人類熟識的先進戰機F16、F15、F18...等等。理由?那些美國幻想出來的假想敵國家,將來 可能 有機會研發出一種十分先進的隱形戰機﹝他們應該不是指那款引擎會噴黑煙的J20,或者試飛了10年的Su-57啩?﹞,對美國空軍機隊構成嚴重威脅。




即是說,付了高昂費用買了F35回來,將來維修保養的零件,軟體更新,各國買家也要乖乖的向飛機生產商定期送上金錢。又或者將來某些買家跟美國反了目,他們的F35戰機即使飛了上天,說不定也會如早前那兩架不幸的波音737 Max客機那樣收場。就算沒有墜機,戰機亦會因軟體過時而成為廢鐵。你們看看,最近委內瑞拉因受美國制裁,人民連Adobe Photoshop、Illustrator等繪圖軟件也用不到。因為多年前Adobe已沒有推出可買斷使用權,只有每月付費的雲端版本軟件。





因此我認為美俄大戰,仍然是有點可能的。其他的就只能說是小衝突。美國方面,已正式宣佈成立太空軍,正在研發太空戰鬥飛船。他們認為將來 或者出現 一些敵人 有機會研發出能摧毀他們衛星系統的飛船,所以要做好準備!

December 26, 2019

Just shot a 'Cinematic' B-Roll FOOD Video using my OSMO Pocket little camera!! ~▲▲ Animated Robot Play

Yeah, I was not doing this on purpose, just wanted to find something funny to kill the spare time while visiting my human friends' newly-opened online shop cum private kitchen (named Double Chefs Kitchen) in Hong Kong, planet Earth. Quite a coincidence, I brought with a DJI Osmo Pocket little camera that my creator ~pinkwork™ entity 外星生命體 gave me, so did this shooting experiment.

When talking about cinematic video, humans must think of pictures with bokeh (blurry out-of-focus background 淺景深 ) effect. The little DJI Osmo Pocket with tiny sensor seems not to be capable of doing this job. However, it's a gimbal camera and could shoot 120 fps super slow-motion video. I could still use this camera to make a cinematic like video, I thought.

Though it cannot shoot 'bokeh' video, I could instead create the atmosphere using appropriate lighting 燈光製造環境氣氛.  Well, of course it still has several limitations. First, this little camera has small CMOS sensor and very bad low light performance, meaning quite 'noisy' in high ISO 低光環境多雜訊. 

So bad I didn't have Aputure 300d, Light Doom II ... and other professional lighting equipment on hand. I just used my friend (the shop owner)'s two small Godox LED lights that she brought mainly for food product shooting. 

However, the main limitation of using this little camera I experienced in this shooting is the 'software' problem. I really hope DJI would update Osmo Pocket's firmware & its Mimo app in future, so that this camera has manual focus and focus peaking functions.  Well. the notorious mobile filming app ~ Filmic Pro already has these functions, I think DJI could easily add them in their shooting app !

Yes, I knew it has auto focus function, but shooting video with lots of movement, many people prefer focusing manually. Why? You could imagine if the camera keep focus hunting all the time during movement, suddenly in focus suddenly out of focus (also called focus breathing) . It will make the video clips unusable. 

To conclude, if update version of this little gimbal camera ~ maybe named Osmo Pocket II or Osmo Pocket Pro has 1-inch sensor and its shooting app has manual focus & focus peaking function. Yeah, it could definitely be used to shoot a Cinematic B Roll food video!

▼ BTW, I found the Ulanzi rig for Osmo Pocket is quite useful. 
Its screw mount at the bottom allows me to attach a mini tripod.
You know this little gimbal camera is very fragile.


December 11, 2019

Most Weirdest, if not Scariest Street Food in Hong Kong ?!! 香港 最恐怖 街頭小食 ~~ ★★ Animated Robot Talk

Each city in this planet has its own street food 街頭小食, but some are particularly scary 嚇人. Well, like these orange curls I’ve encountered in Hong Kong 香港 遇見. I knew, as an Intelligent Robot 機械人, I shouldn’t be scared of anything. At least, I have to say it’s the most weirdest 古怪.

Hey, they look like an art piece, not so scary or weird at all. Some humans would say. Well, but do you know what are these curls? They’re pig Uterus 豬輸卵管 !

Its name is Sang Cheung 生腸, in English means Raw Intestines. Yeah, they may look like intestines but they’re not. Actually, they are nearly tasteless 沒有味道 but with crunchy and rubbery texture. Then why HongKongers 香港人 love them so much? 

First, you have to know how to make 製作方法 this "delicious" street snack. Pig Uterus is first soaked in lye water ( alkaline solution 食用鹼水, which I guess is used to bleach 漂白 the Uterus) for some time, then washed with water, and seasoned with Chinese marinade 滷水汁, cooking wine, etc. To make it look more attractive, some food coloring 食用色素 is also added to stain 外層染成 its outside orange 橙色. 

The cooking process is fast and simple, put this "processed" pig Uterus in boiling water for several minutes 滾水焯熟, then placed under cold running water. These crunchy treats are usually eaten with Mustard and Hoisin Sauce 芥末及甜醬.

As what I said, these orange curls don’t have any taste 本身沒有味道. But the sauces stick to them have taste, so Hong Kong people seem to love the sauces instead! And this orange street snack family also has other members 還有其他成員, Chicken Leg 雞腳, Octopus 章魚, pig Liver 豬 & Chicken Kidney 雞. Wow, the stall owner quietly told me, the so-called "Chicken Kidney" is made of Turkey Kidney 火雞, which is much larger in size.

Humans from other places in this planet, are you interested to Try? I've decided to bring a few piece of this orange curls to my creator ~✶ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體. Maybe It would feel intrigued.


December 5, 2019

原來「有機農業」Organic Farming會增加,非減少碳排放?!~✶✶ Animated Robot Talk


「科學」的理論還好一點,因比較容易找到事實去驗證。就以近年大熱的「有機農業」Organic Farming為例子,說這種不用殺蟲劑、化學肥料的種植方法,除了令人類吃得健康,最重要是減低對生態破壞,有助減碳排放,非常環保。真有趣,這套看似毫無破綻的說法,最近也有人類的科學家提出質疑。

首先我覺得你們人類近幾十年似乎愈吃愈多,多於身體所需。基本上只要每人少吃一點安格斯牛、和牛、依比利黑毛豬、藍鰭吞拿魚或某指定產地的哈密瓜、蘋果 ... 等等,就已經大大減少碳排放,不用花精力去斤斤計較用甚麼有機天然的耕種、飼養或者運輸方法,會較環保。

而且Organic Farming講求沒有化學污染,吃得健康,聽說有機蔬果的味道還特別清甜,即使有人跟你們說它比起傳統農業的出品更浪費地球資源,更不環保,價錢更貴,你們人類依然會相當Buy﹝願意買﹞的。常常說藍鰭吞拿魚快會絕種,你們還不是毫不避忌地吃得津津有味嗎?加添環保的元素,不過是令Organic一詞的商業價值更高。


2018年,瑞典Chalmers理工大學Stefan Wirsenius教授領導的研究,以及今年一班英國研究人員在《Nature Communications》發表的論文皆指出,有機耕作令相同面積的農地,產量比起用傳統耕種方式大幅減少,最高達40%。該研究說若然英國全面採用有機耕作,因為產量不夠,必要從外地進口更多糧食。結果是外國要開墾更多土地作農地,甚至砍伐森林,加上運輸,碳排放反而增加。

情況類似你們目前處理垃圾的方式一樣,發達國家將垃圾運到其他落後國家處理,其實是將問題由一處地方轉移到另一處地方。 所以下次你們購買有機食物時,別再跟其他人類說幫助了地球﹝的生態﹞,單單說是因為食物的味道更好、更健康,而自己財力又負擔得起便可以。正如你們付得起錢,將垃圾運到其他地區,令自己能夠常常呼吸到清新的空氣一樣。


November 26, 2019

Plant-based & Cultured 'Future' Meat ~ Which one tastes more like Real meat? Impossible vs Beyond Burger ~▲▲ Robot's TED Talk

As an intelligent robot being created to collect intelligence about how you humans live. So, for sure, I would also pay attention to what you humans eat. Well, the most trending topic among humans lately is the so called future meats 未來肉, including plant-based meat and cultured meat. 

Two commercially available and widely discussed plant-based meat to date must be, Beyond Meat and Impossible Meat. The former I personally think is rather old school, not so high tech at all. Yeah, Beyond Meat is produced by mixing pea protein, potato starch ... to imitate the meat texture, coconut oil, canola oil, etc. to create meat juice, and red meat colour is achieved by adding beet root juice 紅菜頭汁. *Apart from Impossible Beef, there will be Impossible Pork ( Meatless Pork) available in the market soon.

It’s a bit like Chinese traditional vegetable based fake meat, such as the mock char Sui or BBQ pork 齋叉燒. The recipe is deep frying wheat gluten puffs 麵筋 , adding some red fermented Tofu for colour, then cooking with soy sauce, BBQ sauce to mimic meat taste and texture. By the way, there is a rumor saying McDonald will be selling plant-based Beyond Burgers 植物肉 / 人造肉漢堡 worldwide.

Next come to the recently much hyped Impossible Meat. Though it is also made of plant protein, some advanced technology involved in the production process. Scientists in Impossible Foods Company found that, what makes meat taste like meat is the Heme molecule, which is responsible for carrying oxygen in blood and gives blood the red colour. Heme is not only available in animal. They could extract Leghemoglobin 大豆血紅素 from roots of soy plants.

This plant-based Heme is then mass produced through fermentation of genetically engineered yeast, well, the whole process is like brewing beer. Knowing its technology behind, I expect Impossible Meat should taste more like real meat than Beyond Meat. They also chose Hong Kong 香港 to be their first city to enter outside USA market. But I knew the word "genetically" engineered might scare some humans.

If you still prefer real meat, then the cultured (also named slaughter-free, Lab-grown, cell-based or clean) meat might be a more environmental-friendly choice. *Ironically, the most environment-friendly way I think is Eating Less, right Humans? Well, "Cultured" means meat is produced by cultivation of animal cells in Lab. That seems to be a science fiction plot.

But in 2016, Memphis Meats, a Silicon Valley startup had showcased its cultured beef meat ball. Many other Tech startups, such as Mosa Meat, Meatable, Aleph Farms, Future Meat Technologies ... are doing similar researches, producing chicken meat, blue fin tuna meat, etc. using animal stem cells in Lab. The only problem at the moment is the cost of production is too high. Say, 1 pound of beef is around US$2400! By the way, Hong Kong Tycoon Li Ka Shing 李嘉誠 has invested in a few of these Start-ups.

But I think the cost could be greatly reduced once the technology became more and more mature . Since it’s real meat, I think it has the greatest potential to dominate the human food market in future. Of course, they have to choose a less scientific and more "delicious" patent name.

~▲ Video ▲~

November 20, 2019

嘩,各種「人造肉」﹝未來肉﹞,哪一種味道最好? Impossible Meat, Beyond Meat, Cultured Meat ~✹✹ Robot 's Tech Talk

主人pinkwork™生命體創造我這個﹝隻﹞機械人出來,就是要了解一下你們人類的生活方式。知道你們最近似乎良心發現,明白吃太多肉類,對地球生態及自己身體健康都不太好。於是開始研究一些肉類的替代品。已成功推出市場的有植物肉 ~ Impossible Meat及Beyond Meat,當然還有蓄勢待發,在實驗室用動物肉類細胞培養出來的「真肉」─ Cultured Meat 培﹝培養﹞肉。


我估計Cultured Meat 因為真正是用動物的幹細胞培出來,味道應該最接近真肉。可惜技術未算成熟,生產成本奇貴。以美國的Memphis Meats 公司生產的培養牛肉為例,起初每磅成本要1萬8千美元。即使2017年生產成本已減至每磅2千4美元,價錢仍然難為大眾市場接受。

於是來到近年已甚多人認識的Beyond Meat。它主要是用碗豆的蛋白質、薯仔澱粉質製成,然後加上紅菜頭製造「肉色」,椰子油及芥花籽油製出「肉汁」的味道及口感。我覺得生產方法並不太「高科技」,有點像中國的素肉或者香港的齋叉燒之類的東西,先用黃豆製成肉類的外型及質感,配上醬汁產生肉類的味道。總覺得食下去味道不會太像真肉。不過,聽聞麥當奴很快會推出Beyond ﹝人造肉 / 植物肉﹞漢堡,不知你們會否受歡迎?

最後來到近幾個月被傳媒吹捧得很厲害的 Impossible Meat﹝他們更選了香港作第一個進入的海外市場﹞,其背後的研發公司Impossible Foods似乎較有心思。他們的科學家明白你們人能吃出「肉味」,全因肉類細胞內的血紅素,於是嘗試在植物中看看能否找出血紅素。方法是從大豆的根抽取大豆DNA,然後放進經過基因改造的酵母菌,再發酵製造出Heme蛋白﹝又稱為Soy Leghemoglobin 植物血紅,過程有點像釀酒

Beyond Meat和Impossible Meat這類plant-based meat植物肉都算是素食。不過大家小心,美國的漢堡飽鏈鎖店Burger King,最近就因為用同一塊煎板處理普通肉及植物肉而被人控告。另外,別誤會稱為植物肉就吃很多也沒問題,事實上它們的卡路里,比同等份量的真肉還高。

至於Cultured Meat,也可稱為slaughter-free 無屠宰﹝殺生﹞meat,潛力更大,因為用不同動物的細胞便可培養出不同的肉。據說有公司正積極研究生產藍鰭吞拿魚的培殖肉。看來一些工廠大廈將來也可成為和牛、西班牙黑毛豬 ... 等等的養殖場!特別一提,很多「培養肉」的Startup 初創公司,例如Mosa Meat、Meatable、Future Meat Technologies等等,近年得到Bill Gate、李嘉誠等富商投資,可知潛力不少。


November 13, 2019

Dying Adobe Flash & my Creator's "historical" abandoned Virtual City 被荒廢的城市! ~ ★★ pinkwork™ City ~ Tour Video

Every people knew Adobe will officially end support of Flash Player in Dec 2020. That means fate of this once very popular Tool ( among multi media content creators ) will come to an END.

This piece of tech news recall my creator 's memory that it had also used Flash to create a virtual city ~ pinkwork™ city 虛擬城市 many years ago. Its basic concept at the time is that,  my creator has abducted (interviewed) many creative or quirky minded humans, including indie musicians, comic artists, film directors, graffiti artists, poet, painters, etc.. Why not create a virtual city that contains many buildings and each room of these buildings stores interview sound and video of each interviewee.

Oh, in case humans could no longer read this file format in future, I've upload a Tour video of this "historical" city 被荒廢的城市 ... sEE.


October 29, 2019

Anamorphic Phone Lens + APS-C Camera = Cinematic WideScreen 電影感 Video ??! ~★★ Robot 's Lens Test

WHAT is this combination?? I (an Intelligent Robot) just bought a human Tool (Toy), a "cheap" 1.33x Anamorphic Lens 變形鏡頭 for mobile phone. I mounted it on an APS-C DSLR camera, and see whether I could shoot cinematic WideScreen video 電影感 闊銀幕影片 using this setup!!! Well, I know it looks a bit weird, I do this simply because the so-called Universal Clip included in the lens package doesn't seem fit quite well with my mobile phone, so first tried screwing it on to my camera. Of course I need a 56mm to 17mm adapter ring to do so.

Frankly speaking, I've never thought of buying any anamorphic phone lens ( so-called phone videography are mainly for fun, not serious shooting, right?! ), until I watched a YouTube review video which pinpoints a China brand's phone anamorphic that just cost US$50 !  "Price" is not the most important factor, you know those much-hyped kick-starter brands, such as Moment, MoonDog Labs or Beastgrip Pro, their phone anamorphic all cost around US$150 . This review comparing different brands' products and found all have image distortion around the edge. Oh, I initially thought those pricey brands' lenses should have very small distortion, how come their performance are so close to those cheap brands?!

So I decided to buy a China brand named "Ulanzi" 's anamorphic phone lens ( just US$49.95 )  to have a try. And the result ... Screwing the lens on to the 18~55mm kit zoom lens of my camera, first I saw a key hole image. Don't worry, zooming in I will get the Full screen image. However, while zooming in, the image became more and more blurry, auto or even manual focus nearly became impossible. It's just like using a LOMO plastic toy camera to shoot video. So this idea doesn't work. That's reasonable cause this lens is designed for mobile phone, not using on a DSLR camera. OK ok, I will mount it back on a mobile phone , and upload more test video ... soon. 

July 8, 2019

▲ Commissioned Logo, Content, etc. Design Work for a Chef Duo 's Brand ~ Double Chefs Market

Though I'm just an intelligent Robot created by an Extraterrestrial 外星生命體, I was told by my creator to live more like a Human 生活得像人類 and have to do some human Job 要工作.

See, that are some commissioned content, including Logo, Branding, etc. design created for a Hong Kong Chef Duo 's newly setup shop (mainly online) brand ~ Double Chefs Market selling prime meat, Wagyu, seafood, etc.

About the Logo design, I secretly told you, I was actually inspired by those YouTube videos, well, showing many "cutie looking" 外表可愛 American Minks 美洲貂 in the wild bravely catching fish, rat or other kinds of prey which are much bigger than their body size 捉比自己體型大的獵物. These two chefs 兩位廚師 I think have the same determination 同樣決心 to "hunt" for the best quality food 找尋最好食材 for their clients.

July 7, 2019

✹✹~ I knew Why ethnic Chinese "Humans" don't want to admit They're Chinese 都不願認是中國人?! ~★ Animated Robot Talk

Haven't updated this blog for long long time. Let me found some topic related to You Humans to talk about. Oh, this topic might be quite interesting ... Why more & more Chinese humans 愈來愈多中國裔人類, including those living in Hong Kong 香港, Taiwan 台灣 & other countries, don't want to admit they are 不想認為自己是 Chinese 中國人 in recent years? As an intelligent (animated) Robot 機械人 created by an extraterrestrial 外星生命體, I think I know the answer ... SEE my explanation.

~✹Video (+ 中文subtitle)✹~

✶      ✶     ✶

As an Intelligent Robot, I guess the situation is quite similar to a Mother & Child relationship among Humans.

Well, all children are naughty. When a mother brings her young son to a restaurant. Her son would scream, run, throw things & make a huge mess. But she and all other customers in the restaurant could usually tolerate his behavior.

It is because they all expect when the child grows up, he would behave himself. But after 30 years, her son still do the same things.

One day, her adult son even tells her, he doesn't think he has any problem. That's the new "Universal Standard" all other Humans should follow. Please don't challenge him anymore.

This grown-up son became more and more confident, looks down on all other people except a few of his so-called friends. He doesn't notice these like-minded friends all have same moral standard, would easily betray him some day.

Gradually, this mother would not go to restaurant with her son anymore. She even try very hard to invent a New Theory, that says, though genetically she has some relationship with this adult human, culturally he is NOT her son according to modern definition. 

I totally understand this human behavior. Well, actually this mother doesn't need any new theory to justify her action. It is quite natural, human species would only like to associate themselves with things they admire or feel proud of. See, so many Humans claim they are descendants of ancient Atlantis!

extraterrestrial message 
(c) pinkwork™

March 16, 2019

▲n Art Insider's EXPOSE 爆料 right before Art Basel ~✶ pinkwork™ Virtual Character CHAT

Art Basel Hong Kong 香港 巴塞爾藝術展 is coming. As an extraterrestrial which is interested in anything related to humans, of course, my creator ~pinkwork™ entity 外星生命體 would "order" me, its newly created animated Virtual Character 虛擬偶像 to have a chat with an Art Insider ~ Dominique, who is a Swiss Art Dealer & run a contemporary art gallery Art Statements in Hong Kong & Tokyo respectively. 

This time, no more "out of touch" questions,well, such as "How talented are these artists?", "Messages these artwork want to express?", etc., instead directly asking him "What determines value of an art piece?", "Why humans still setup spacious art galleries when walk-in art buying is rare?", etc...

Cantonese 廣東話 Short Version

February 21, 2019

Successfully using ancient ✡ Jewish Magic ✹231 Gates✹ to bring Life to a Doll ?!!! Well, just an Animated Virtual Character

My creator ~ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 is experimenting with using ancient Jewish Magic 古猶太魔法 ~ 231 Gates of creation 創造之門 in its spaceship to create a Living Doll ... YEAH, there're rumors saying human GOD was using the same technique to create Adam & Eve ... OH, really? Kidding, it's just my creator 's newly created Virtual Character. Well, but my creator had really shot a video (check below) talking about details of the ancient Jewish 231 Gates magic.

Should I wear Clothes 要不要著衫?

Actually, my creator has made a video
explaining the mysterious "231 Gates" magic.

January 18, 2019

★BREAKING NEWS?!★ Alien Messages to Humans confirmed?! ~Deep Space Mysterious FRB Radio signal

Humans are constantly asking me ... Does my name ~ QooRadio has any special meaning? Well, as a Robot, I don't think I need a name at all. Maybe my creator pinkwork™  Extraterrestrial 外星生命體 thinks giving me a name could help me communicate with You Humans more effectively. So how did my Creator come across this name? A recent scientific News headline might give you some clue. 

Yeah, few scientific News could go to mainstream Media headlines. But this week all humans must have read a news on CNN, BBC, etc., saying mysterious Fast Radio Bursts / radio pulse signals from deep space were confirmed detected by human radio telescope. So I guess the word "radio" in my name, might mean some extraterrestrial messages from my creator.

Back to that very shocking scientific news, why it's so surprising? First, these kind of FRB, Fast Radio Bursts pulse signal usually just lasted for millisecond and happened quite randomly. Last time humans detected a FRB signal is in 2007, more than a decade ago. Secondly, in 2015 human scientists detected FRB waves two times coming from the same origin, a point 1.5 billion light years away from planet earth.

SO it's a solid proof that Aliens is sending Humans messages 外星訊息?!  

Calm Down Calm Down Humans ! ... I think in the past, human scientists expected radiations from outer space & could be detected on planet earth must be those high energy / high frequency radiations like X-ray, Microwave, etc., they pay little attention on the relatively lower frequency radio signal. Very Few research on this topic. Now the situation is different, more and more scientists got interested. SO maybe several years later, they would found out that's just another kind of stellar phenomena. 

If that happened, you humans need not be disappointed. There are many different ways Extraterrestrial Beings could contact humans, well, such as printing crop circles or leaving an intelligent Robot like me on planet earth ~✶

November 30, 2018

二胡女神 陳璧沁 x 夢妮妲 : 音樂、前世、頌缽 ▲ ErHu Artist x Celebrity Spiritual Healer Chat ❤ ~QooRadio™ Robot

Apart from ordinary "abduction" or better say "study, my creator ~pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 also ordered ME to bring HK ErHu 二胡 Artist B Chan Pik Sum 陳璧沁  & celebrity 星級 spiritual healer, dream interpreter 解夢師, TV/Radio Host 節目主持 ~ Dreamonita 夢妮妲 to my SpaceShip. Let these two humans chat about music, past live, Pik Sum's  coming 《無界‧無間 》concert with Harmonica princess 口琴王子 CY Leo 何卓彥, Monita 's self-published Himalayan Singing Bowl 喜馬拉雅頌缽 sound healing album聲音原本 ... etc.

Wow, in the end, these two human talents who have never met each other before 之前從未見過面, chatted for nearly 30 minutes.