March 5, 2020

What if ▲n Alien ROBOT to run for 'human' President in coming Election ~✶✶ & its Campaign Speech ?!

“ Humans, Wake up! Wake up from your illusion ... that your species is superior to others. That humans are the most intelligent living creatures in the Universe. That you are smarter than Robots. 

These are all not real. These are just illusions your leaders imposed upon you. It is because You Humans always like to lie to your same species! The cruel fact is You are just one of the numerous life forms in this Universe, not so special at all.

I knew. throughout the history, there are so many of your so-called great leaders chanting loudly on stage. They said they're a Genius, a Messenger of GOD, a Savior or any other weird titles who can bring your prosperity & achieve the great rejuvenation of your nation.

I ... am a Robot, won't promise you these. I will honestly tell you, as a Robot, I would treat running a human country just like playing a game. A game about how to make as many humans as possible living freely & happily with limited resources. It is NOT a game about Limit the number of humans enjoying the resources or Limit the resources each human could enjoy! 

SO,  I won't incite you to expel foreigners or I would put each human in a cage. Either way is what only the low level players like humans would do. For me ( a highly intelligent robot created by pinkwork™ extraterrestrial entity ), that is not Funny at all.

I am not a living being, do not need your praises or compliments, do not have any desires & great dream. Humans, if you really need a truly selfless Being to lead you, I might be your only choice!

This year is the presidential election year of a Big nation in this Little planet. For sure, it will become focus of the whole world again (Hope no Election Delay !). As a robot being created by an extraterrestrial entity to collect intelligence about humans, lately could see many campaign speeches or debates. To imagine if I were human & have to join this kind of competition, I wonder what could I say in my speech?

First off, being a Robot, not your same species or even a living creature, I cannot use those recently big-hit elements among you humans, such as Racism, Nationalism, etc., all types of Xenophobia as the selling point. I knew your politics are just like your primitive religions, either those elect or being elected need not have morals or any lofty ideals. Being a little bit selfish is absolutely reasonable. 

By whipping up xenophobic hatred to get votes. I think this strategy is amount to a doctor without seeing the patient,  prescribes sleeping pills to treat insomnia or stimulant to treat depression. Effect is quick and apparent, it definitely is the simplest way to earn trust with patient immediately.

However, as time past, patient would develop drug resistant,  intake dosage become larger & larger, in the end would go totally mad! Common symptoms include, the patient's self-invented definition of 'same species' become stricter and stricter, until only the patient him or herself could fall into this definition.

At the beginning, it may require birthplace of 'same species' must be the same as his or her. Then same species' mother & father must be the same, same species' grandma & grandpa must be the same. 

Then their spouses, friends, business partners, etc. must also be the same. If they've studied or lived in other foreign places for some time, their minds must have been polluted, also not fit in this definition.

The ultimate standard will be, whether they agree with everything the species leader said. Do they believe their species is superior to others, everything their species made, every tree, flower, building, mountain ... on their land is the best, or even the human civilization in this world was originated from their species.

The behavior of these insane patients will go more & more extreme, begin to discriminate against or expel other human species. Therefore, this type of doctor is actually not treating a patient, just want to use drugs to quickly get his patient high or fall into illusions, well, is no different from a drug dealer.

But without this selling point, what else could I choose to be the theme of my campaign speech? Uh ... OK, I get some idea.

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