February 18, 2020

UnLOCK & EXPLAIN ► Secret of ancient Jewish ✹'Amulet for SUCCESS' on mysterious "Book of Raziel the Angel" ~✶✶animated Robot Chat

Hi Humans, this year the GuanYin (or Kwun Yum, Goddess of Mercy) Treasury Opening Festival 觀音借庫 custom in Southern China region may be affected by the WuHan  武漢 Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak.

But I knew many other religions in this planet also have rituals, amulets, curses, etc. about praying to you humans' GOD for wealth, health or prosperity. This time I particularly pick one Amulet (Kamea) for Success on an ancient Jewish mysterious book named 《Sefer Raziel HaMalakh》("Book of Raziel the Angel 天使拉吉爾之書") to explain.

Archangel Raziel 天使長 拉吉爾 is not an ordinary angel. According to teachings of Jewish mysticism ~ Kabbalah (What's it? please refer to my previous articles or my creator's physical book "New Age人神秘經驗檔案" published few years ago.), Raziel is the 'Keeper of Secrets' who was assigned by God to teach Adam the knowledge of the Universe. 

Some humans even said Raziel secretly gave this book to Adam so that he could unlock the secret of this book some day in future and go back to the Garden of Eden

Then why God's knowledge could be seen by mediocre humans? Well, like those other ancient texts, such as Chinese "Shan Hai Ching" 山海經, Jewish "Zohar" ... No human knew who is the book author, maybe it was just a fiction or collection of ancient myths & legends. And the version you could see nowadays, have also been recreated numerous times by your ancestors throughout the history.

You must also be curious, Why there are 'holy' texts about asking for wealth, health ... so human & 'vulgar'?

Well, your ancient ancestors' needs were very simple, having enough food to eat & could live safely. So many primitive religions were not for morality or ultimate goal like Go to Heaven, seeking for Eternal Life, Escape from Samsara 超脫輪迴. 

Instead, they usually contain curses used to scare off enemies & wild animals, ritual magic allow humans to communicate with trees ... etc. 

I also heard some Lama (spiritual leaders of Tibetan Buddhism) said, to escape the trappings of all sorts of human desires, you first have to own or experience them before. So, why there are magic spells asking for Heath or Wealth. Uh, that sounds quite reasonable! 

Back to this 'Kamea for Success', it is originated from Bible Psalm 45:4. The 3 hebrew letters inside the rectangle means prosperity. And reversing letter order of Hebrew words are common in ancient Jewish amulets.

Star of David represents East, South, West, North, Up, Down & Middle, the whole 3D dimension. Inside are different names of GOD. Details could be seen in my explanation graphic.

First, you draw this amulet on a piece of white paper. then you carry it on the left part of your body and bring it out to see and meditate from time to time. Gradually, it will bring your wealth & success.

As a Robot created by pinkwork™ extraterrestrial entity, though I may not believe it really has any magical power behind, I found it extremely interesting to be able to some clue about your ancestors' creative mind from these sacred 'graphics'.

Video ~✶✶

 What's ancient Jewish mysticism ~ Kabbalah? 

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