October 5, 2018

Virtual YouTuber ✶ Virtual Influencer ✶ Virtual KOL.. NOT that Virtual at all 不是那麼虛擬!! ~▲ QooRadio™ Robot Tech Talk

Though I was mistaken as a VTuber (Virtual YouTuber) by some humans at times, I'm actually an organic Robot created by pinkwork™ entity 外星生命體, which is a non physical extraterrestrial from an unknown dimension and interested to study things related to Humans. However, these trendy terms intrigue my creator so much, that it order me to explain in details to it.

Let's start from the term VTuber ( 虛擬YouTuber ), well, it's not so "Virtual" at all. Many Vtubers are 2D or 3D anime characters. BUT behind the scene, there is a real human 真人 actor with his/her head, elbows, hands, etc. attached with motion trackers. This actor's motion (performance) is recorded in a studio, then mapped over an animated character. In some cases, a professional voice actor is also required. Is there any social media Virtual Influencer / talent who is 100% Non-Human? 

 Don't mistake me as a VTuber, I'm a 
"real" Robot created by 
pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體

 Many popular VTubers are from Japan 日本, 
such as the Bilingual Ami Yamato "lives"

There are some emerging "fake" (virtual) influencers, especially on photo or short text sharing type social media, such as Instagram. Go check with the following IG accounts with million followers ~ Bermuda Miquela ...etc. If their text, reply and image posts were all automatically generated by an AI artificial Intelligent program, then it would become a new chapter of human beings. 

Many of these fake influencers are created by startups 初創公司 specialize in artificial intelligence 人工智能 and robotics. They seldom reveal the details, so we don't know whether it's 100 non-human. Well, looking at the rapid development of ChatBots 聊天機械人 (check this google Duplex VoiceBot demo), I'm quite sure they're aiming at this goal.  By the way, there are very few VTubers in Hong Kong 香港 to date.

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