September 25, 2018

「CULT歌之父」韋然 x HiFi女神 Gloria歌莉雅~月球上談創作?MOON Chat ~ veteran & young singer-songwriters~▲pinkwork™ Videos

What's happening on the Moon Today ( the Mid-Autumn festival 中秋節 Holiday)? Well, two extraterrestrial Beings ( my creator pinkwork™ extraterrestrial  & ME, an animated Robot not a VTuber) are remote watching two creative humans on earth chatting about their music career ... 

They're HK veteran songwriter 香港第一代音樂創作人 Wai Yin 韋然  aka Paul Knight / nicknamed 香港兒歌之父 & indie musician turned top-selling audiophile vocalist HiFi女神 Gloria Tang 歌莉雅 aka GoodAfternoonGloria. Wai Yin has created numerous popular Cantonese / English Children's Songs 兒歌 & Big-hit Cult songs in Hong Kong during the past 30 years, including "何家小雞何家猜", "小明上廣州",  "我向你求婚", "搖到外婆橋", "小明搭高鐵", "Donkey Donkey". "Apple Round, Apple Red" ... to name a few.  These 2 talented Humans are sharing their experience about how to start-off their career and deal with the "extremely" low royalty fee in the modern "streaming" age ...  !

* This animation/video series is an Art Concept by pinkwork

▲ HK Audiophile Vocalist & pinkwork™ Animated Robot CHAT
Gloria Tang 歌莉雅 & 外星機械人✶✶對話?

Gloria 歌莉雅 : Do I believe Aliens exist?

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