August 15, 2018

港女夢中接觸古埃及Horus荷魯斯神!?OH, we've contacted Egyptian Gods / Goddesses ?! ~★

These two female humans 兩位港女 from Hong Kong, namely KiKi Wong & Ah Kam 阿金 are so into ancient Egyptian Mythology 古埃及神話, that they would travel to 埃及 Egypt, well, NOT just for sight-seeing purpose. KiKi who is an illustrator 香港插畫家 would join spiritual tours and did series of meditations 冥想 near or inside the pyramids 金字塔 / temples 神殿 almost every year. Ah Kam are hosting programs related to Ancient Egypt, UFO,  conspiracy theory 陰謀論, etc. on some online radios from time to time.  

They said to my creator ~✶ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 recently, they think they've contacted 埃及 Horus 荷魯斯神 in their dreams & during meditations respectively. Oh, really? My creator immediately ordered me (an animated Robot) to "abduct"  外星綁架 them to study ...

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