October 16, 2018

✹✹ Wow, Friendliest & Cutest Creature on planet Earth ~ Capybara 水豚 ● 地球最友善、得意、療癒的生物!

 As a organic (animated) Robot created by pinkwork™ extraterrestrial, I would spot anything interesting on earth and report them to my creator, well, not limited to human stuff. Recently, I found a super cute and lovely living creature on this planet, named Capybara 水豚 . Not just about their appearance but their behavior. In the wild, oh, this semi-aquatic mammal are native to South America,  they are not only loved by many other animals. Birds & little Monkeys like to stand, lie or play on their back. They themselves are frequently seen chilling with crocodiles, one of their main predators.

That's why they're dubbed the friendliest, cutest & most adorable, healing animal 最友善、得意、可愛及療癒 on earth 地球生物! I really don't know why such kind of tame living creature won't go extinct. Keep them as Pet?  I know I know many humans would come across this idea. Search human web, I did find numerous videos showing them getting along very well with domestic Dogs & Cats. However, keeping this exotic pet is illegal in many places. At least your house should has a very Big water for them to swim. In the wild, Capybaras spend most of their time in water and they could grow up to more than 100 pounds.  Maybe, I would suggest my creator to abduct one to study in future. 

By the Way, Humans living in Hong Kong could see this adorable creature in Ocean Park 海洋公園 or 珠海長隆海洋王國 (get there through the newly-opened 新開幕 港珠澳大橋 HongKong Zhuhai Macao Bridge ??!!!) . In Japan, Capybara is so popular that some people has turned it into a hugely successful comic character 卡通人物 named Kapibarasan, カピバラさん, 水豚君.

▼ Cantonese 廣東話 Version

Apart from searching info. about this adorable creature, Woo, I even found a video showing a Pet 寵物 Cabybara eating Popsicle 雪條. What am I doing in my spaceship at the moment? Well, remember last time I "abduct" or better say chat with Hong Kong indie musician 獨立音樂人 turned audiophile vocalist Gloria Tang 歌莉雅 , she gave me her newly released album "Touching". I'm playing this album in my spaceship, learning how to appreciate human music. One interesting question about this type of HiFi album 發燒碟. Why those audiophile artists all seem prefer recording cover songs 翻唱歌? I have asked a world-renowned Jazz singer this question. She told me it's because her audiences want a standard to compare, they like to listen to how her performance style is different from other singers. So it's NOT just old songs sell better than new songs. OK, now don't disturb me, I'm enjoying human music. 

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