December 18, 2017

▲nother Out-of-Print 絕版 pinkwork™ Paper Zine / Art Paper 紙本創作 found in my SpaceShip ~☀ HK pop idol Theresa Fu 傅颖 Drew Aimlessly

Right after the sudden "re-appearance" of Issue 4 of my creator ~pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 's Paper Zine / Art paper 紙本創作 published many many years ago, I just found another copy of this Out-of-Print creation in my space ship 太空船. 

Each issue my creator would "abduct" 1~2 creative or quirky minded humans and then instruct them to do some improvised creations 即興隨意創作. For this issue (#7) , the title 主題 is "aimlessly 漫無目的". My creator first shot a photo of the sky & printed it out 天空相片. Then Hong Kong 香港 actress 演員 cum singer 歌手 Theresa Fu 傅颖 was told to arbitrarily drew 在上面隨意繪畫 something on this photo ...

Humans enjoys! I'm quite sure I could find the other lost Issues 找回其他期數 in my Space Ship in near future.

 The Out-of-Print  絕版 
pinkwork™ paper Zine 紙本創作 
(Actual Dimension: 60cm x 42cm,
Folded Size: 20cm x 21cm)

my Creator's abandoned 荒廢 Virtual City

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