December 16, 2017

Human Tool Test ▶ ZOOM Q2n + Rode VideoMicro , Adzen SMX-10 ✹mini video recorder + microphones

As an (animated) intelligent Robot, my creator ~ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 doesn't allow me to use any super powers 超能力 that you humans don't have 不能用. SO I still have to learn using human tools 使用人類工具. Today I am going to test out 測試 one of my newly bought 新買的 little tool ~ the Rode VideoMicro directional microphone 指向性咪. I already knew it works perfectly on my DSLR camera 單反相機 and SmartPhone. I just want to know whether it also works with my Zoom Q2n video recorder.

This handy video recorder 小型攝錄機 dubbed the "camera for musicians 音樂人" is a high quality microphone by itself.  However on some occasion, I would like to use a directional microphone to shield out the background noise 背景噪音. Luckily it has a "ext in" which allows using an external mic. Therefore I tried plug in my Rode VideoMicro and the result was ... very disappointing. You could see in the video below, the volume level kept ZERO !!! I shouldn't blame this product cause it doesn't require any battery 電池 to operate, so should not has a high power output. 

I also tried plug in my another directional microphone ~ Azden SMX-10, it worked! Well, this mic requires battery to function, so not a fair comparison.

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