December 20, 2017

祝At17重組/聖誕演唱會成功!~★看著她們十多年前「外星俘虜」片段時想說 ☆ Wish 2 abducted Humans' Xmas concert a Great Success!

While watching the "abduction video 外星俘虜" of Hong Kong award-winning folktronic Girl Due 香港女子組合 ~ At17 ( RockMui - Ellen Joyce Loo 盧凱彤 and 林二汶 Eman Lam) in my Space Ship 太空船, I really want to wish them have a successful ReGroup concert 重組音樂會 next week. Oh, it's not a festive concert, just takes place around Christmas. Though both of these 2 talented humans have gone solo for many years, they've produced two new songs 新歌 , namely 《Girls Girls Girls》&18》for this concert. 

And when was this "abduction"? My creator pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 said, may probably happened more ten years ago when they were still newcomers 仍是新人時 ...

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