December 25, 2017

Donald Trump's Tax Cut will be a Great Success & Flop at the same Time! ~✶QooRadio™ animated Robot Talk

Though I'm just an organic / Intelligent Robot created by pinkwork™ extraterrestrial, I have a pre-programmed mission to collect "intelligence" about human beings and report them to my creator. SO I have to pay attention to any hot news on this tiny planet, well, such as the latest Donald Trump 's Tax Reform.

As a president of the greatest country on this planet, this human always says his newly-passed Tax Reform would make America Great again. Well, whether it will be a great success or a flop solely depends on how you humans define success

If you are talking about increasing the average wealth per person, then of course it's easier to achieve this purpose by making the 1% richest pay lesser taxes (since they own a great proportion of the world's wealth). Trump's tax reform fits this objective very well.

However if you aim at increasing the real income of the other 99%. The old theory that a big tax cut would encourage big companies to invest more, employ more people, then lead to average salary increase may not be applicable in modern days. 

First, there are numerous types of investments, not necessary related to starting new businesses or employing more humans.  The richest 1% could put their "extra" money on stock or property markets. Even if they do real business, they might prefer investing in using Artificial Intelligence to replace Humans instead of employing more people.

Second, many tech giants have already dominated the market, that is the so-called Technology Monopoly. This type of monopoly happened naturally (the mediocre humans should not blame them), well, simply because the cost of modern technology research is huge, newcomers are difficult to afford, soon or later there will just be few companies left. 

I don't think human governments should use any non-sense regulations to curb these tech giants' development. To curb them in some sense means to restrict human evolution. I think as a human government, the only thing it should do is to make those tech giants admit a Fact. 

Humans in this planet has evolved to a new phase, that technology will do most of human jobs. If they don't want the current human social system completely collapse, they should pay more Tax. That's simple! Stop arguing it is the responsibility of a government to take care its people, not a company. They already have the technologies and even power a government doesn't has. 

However, a single government or nation cannot make those tech giants willing to pay more tax. There are always nations which would use low tax rates to attract them to setup their operating headquarters there to avoid tax. 

Instead of competing over corporate tax rates (as what president Trump is currently doing), I think all nations on earth should be united to set up a Universal corporate tax rates. Well, it may not be a single rate, but a minimum standard all nations should follow. 

Otherwise, it would lead to a vicious circle that the 1% elites become richer and richer, and the other 99% gradually lost their value of existence, turn to those hatred groups, extremist cults, quirky politicians, etc. for comfort and to survive.

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