November 28, 2017

Twin Chefs abducted by Alien?! ★☆ seems also interested in what Humans EAT ✵噢,孖仔廚師也被外星生命綁架!

As what I mentioned before, my creator ~pinkwork™ extraterrestrial is curious about anything related to humans 關於人類的任何東西都感興趣, and it seems also interested in what you humans eat. Yes, in the past it had abducted 外星綁架 many chefs 廚師 to study, including the following twin chefs. (they are real Twins!).

Joshua & Caleb are food columnists 飲食專欄作家TV Hosts, founders 創辦人 of the much-hyped private kitchen “Twins Kitchen 孖人廚房“ & cafe "Common Ground" in Hong Kong. Actually, my creator had "abducted" them two times! The first one took place in their studio.

Oh, this photo was shot by my creator's 
HOLGA film Toy Camera.

And during the 2nd "abduction" 第二次, they were not alone any more. My creator also abducted Arumimi Hifumi 有耳非文, who is an award-winning stage artist, indie musician & the director of performing arts @ Skyhigh Creative Partners天比高創作伙伴」表演藝術部門總監. This time my creator would like these 3 talented humans talk about how they started and run 經營 a creative business 藝術創業

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