November 27, 2017

▲ XMas 3 Wise Men, Angels, Satan in Bible, ALL originated from ancient Persian / Iranian Zoroastrianism?!~✺Chat with HK Zoroastrian priest

Every year during this festive season, I would heard you humans saying lots of traditional Bible stories. Well, such as the biblical Magi (3 wise men or Kings from the East), Angels, Savior, Messiah ... etc.. But what would you think if all of the above concepts or beliefs, together with Satan (Devil), Big Judgement Day, Armageddon ... may be originated from ancient Persian religion ~ Zoroastrianism (literally translates as Fire Worship Religion in Chinese). That's what an early Christianity specialist in Hong Kong ~ Zeke Li once told my creator pinkwork™ extraterrestrial several years ago.  

What Zeke said also made my creator very interested in this ancient Persian / Iranian religion and directly contact the highest priest of Zoroastrian Center Hong Kong ~ (ErvadHomyar G. Nasirabadwala to have a in-depth chat about this "mysterious" religion. 

My creator later even "abducted" or better say "invited" Zeke Li & celebrity spiritual healer, radio host Dreamonita 夢妮妲 to have a long talk with Ervad Homyar (he's a super nice human) in the worship hall of Zoroastrian Center Hong Kong. What did they talk about? sEE/cLICK the recording links below. (*Though Zoroastrianism was a Persian / Iranian religion, the majority of Zoroastrians had already escaped or moved to India several hundred years ago after the Islamization of Iran.)

 Ervad Homyar said he has to keep the
Holy Fire continuously burning

This Zoroastrianism symbol named Asho Farohar
﹝Faravahar﹞, each part has a different meaning. 
Full explanation on my creator's book
《New Age人神秘經驗檔案》
published 2 years ago.


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