November 18, 2017

HOLGA "cult" camera used to has real Polaroid Back! ★玩具菲林相機曾有「寶麗萊」即影機背。

Polaroid finally decided to reproduce Instant Films 即影即有﹝拍立得﹞菲林 & has just launched the hugely successfully OneStep2 camera, a reboot of the 1977 OneStep. Of course, Polaroid fans are anticipating 期待 the SX-70 reboot in near future. 

Actually it's the "impossible project" acquired Polaroid’s brand and intellectual property earlier this year. So all these new products would be under a new company name 新公司名 "Polaroid Originals".

Talking about Instant Film, do you know that the HOLGA film toy camera 菲林玩具相機 also has a Instant Film Back 即影即有機背?I got one & have used it to shoot many "abducted" humans. I think this product is still available in Log-on or Lomography shops. But this instant back is using the hugely popular Fuji Instax Mini film. I surfed the web & found HOLGA used to has a Holgaroid "Polaroid-type" back that can accommodate  Polaroid Type 80 and Type 100 films  ( *check this lomography  LINK  ) . Would definitely buy one if I could find it in Hong Kong shops...

▲ just came across Polaroid Originals ' new
OneStep2 in LOG-ON shop.

▲ I got a HOLGA instant back, but it's 
for Fuji Instax Mini film only. 

 This male human named 
Dominique Perregaux,  a Swiss art dealer who 
run a contemporary art gallery in HK & Tokyo respectively 
cum founder of HK South Island Cultural District. 

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