November 19, 2017

Time to use a TOY Camera to photograph Christmas Lights ❆ 怎用玩具菲林相機拍❋聖誕燈飾?

Hi Humans, X'mas is coming 聖誕節來臨... Each year, during this festive season, my creator ~ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial  外星生命體 would bring out its film Toy Cameras 玩具菲林相機 to shoot some "Christmas" photos. It got a LOMO LC-A, HOLGA 120, HOLGA pinhole 針孔相機 , to name a few.. Last year, it had experimented with using one roll of 7-yr Expired Fuji 120 film 過期菲林 & a HOLGA Pinhole‬ camera to do Christmas‬ Light Photography 影聖誕燈飾SO, what will be its shooting idea this year 今年又會拍甚麼?

Asking my creator about the technique 拍攝技巧 shooting Night Light photos using an analogue film camera, well, it told me "by direct sense 直覺". Well, I guess, since human "digital" technology has already out-performed 優勝過 "analogue" films in many ways, Dynamic Range, Film Speed, etc. . The only reason why humans still use analogue film is about Art Feeling. Well, if talking about Art, of course it must be related to your primitive sense !

▲ oh, this is not a night light photo,just a 
agnes b. 's X'mas black bear 聖誕小黑熊.

▼photos by HOLGA pinhole camera and expired fuji 120 film

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