November 17, 2017

Robot's Latest Abductee ~▲ Blue Ribbon Cooking School Student + ★Restaurateur's grand daughter 藍帶廚藝高材生&米芝蓮星餐廳創辦人孫女

This pretty female human is my new "abducted" target 外星綁架 研究目標. Remind you humans again (& again) I has a pre-programmed mission 任務 installed by my creator ~ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 to collect "intelligence" related to Humans 關於人類的一切事情, including what you humans eat, wear, love, Believe ...etc.. My creator seems to be particularly interested 似乎特別有興趣 in those humans with quirky or creative minds, like Chloe.  

As a grand daughter 外孫女 of founder of a michelin starred 米芝蓮星 Chinese restaurant group 餐廳集團 ﹝利園﹞ in Hong Kong 香港, Chloe Lisa Kung said one day she will open her own michelin starred 米芝蓮星 restaurant. And she seems to be quite serious about this ...  

Though she had helped her grandpa to manage a restaurant for 2 years and has to devote quite a lot of time to organizing Rainbow Gala, a hugely successful HK Dojinshi comic / Cosplay 同人誌 漫畫 bi-annual event 活動 founded by herself 10 years ago, last year Chloe went to Le Cordon Bleu (Blue Ribbon Cooking School 藍帶廚藝學院 ) to attend a full time cooking course ... Want to hEAR/sEE Chloe sharing her learning experience in this world-renowned culinary school? click the video below ..   

location: Le Creuset Wan Chai Shop

▲ Oh, 1st time to use my newly bought ZOOM Q2n 
mini recorder to do the recording.

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