November 16, 2017

Explain the Mystical Kabbalah Symbols in MADONNA 's Tour ✹ 72 Names of GOD ▲ 麥當娜「巡唱」上的神秘古猶太72神名符號!

Many Humans knew that pop star Madonna 麥當娜 is follower of ancient Jewish Mysticism ~ Kabbalah 古猶太秘學卡巴拉. ✥ Check her 2012 MDNA Tour 巡迴演唱 video, while singing the second-to-last song "Like a Prayer", Hebrew letters of the ancient Jewish Mysticism ~ Kabbalah 's 72 Names of God or 216 Letter Name of God 希伯來文神名 appeared on the backdrops 在背景出現.

Some ancient Jewish writings said it wasn't God (or God directly), but Moses 摩西 who used the magic power of the 72 Names of God to part the Red Sea 分開紅海其實是靠唸誦這些神名獲得力量. ... So where did these names come from 名字由來? Let me explain to you HUMANS, though details had been written in my creator pinkwork™ entity 生命體 's physical BOOK 實體書 titled《New Age人神秘經驗檔案》, translated to English “Files of several New Age Person’s Mystical Experience“ published 2 years. *Cantonese Version 廣東話 Videos in  ~☀

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