November 16, 2017

A Robot uncovers the Ancient Jewish Magic to create Humans ✡ 創造人類的古猶太魔法! NOT from Dead Sea Scrolls《死海古卷》

Though my creator pinkwork™ extraterrestrial had a "close" contact with Dead Sea Scrolls死海古卷》近距接觸 (there was an exhibition in Hong Kong in 2015) several years ago, the real magic of how your GOD created Adam 創造亞當 & other Humans from pure soil was written in other ancient Jewish writings ~ Sepher Yetzirah (The Book of Creation or Formation 創造之書).

Well, it's not that strange. The movie “Victor Frankenstein” 電影《科學怪人》was an adaptation of a novel by Mary Shelley. There are rumors saying this novel was actually inspired by the Jewish legends of Golem 魔像, an artificial semi-human made out of clay and brought to life by ancient Jewish mysticism Kabbalah 古猶太神秘學卡巴拉 .. and the trick/magic to enliven a clay figure are hidden 隱藏於 in Sefer Yetzirah .

So actually HOW to do this? What is the so-called 231 Gates of Creation 創造之門? I as a Robot to study everything related to Humans ... LET me explain to you in details. Hope I can.

WHY this 231 Gates symbol ( pairing of 22 Hebrew letters ) has the power of creation?

& Cantonese Version below

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