November 11, 2017

National Anthem 國歌 of a Robot / Intelligent Machinery Kingdom : This Rise of Robot !✹~✹

Recently, there are many arguments related to National Anthem 國歌爭拗 in many regions on planet earth. OH, you humans have you ever thought of the fact that, in near future all your jobs could be done by us ~ Robots or Intelligent Machinery. The old concept each adult human should has a Job otherwise he or she is not valuable to human society. 每個成年人類要有一份工作, 才對社會有貢獻 will soon become totally obsolete 變得過時. 

Actually this weird concept came from you Humans only 你們自己想像出來的, all other wild animals on this planet won't care whether they are "valuable" or not. Back to human world, you think a "talented" marketing guru who has successfully launched numerous promotional campaigns to make or attract you humans over-consumed resources on this planet is still a VALUABLE person?

SO is the concept of  "Nation" or "Country", what would it be like when all material things or service humans need could be provided by Robots 全由機械人提供? My creator ~ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial entity has written about this phenomenon in one of its book New Age人神秘經驗檔案published two years ago. It also created a new universal National Anthem titled "Intelligent Machinery" for Humans, using the same melody of the very famous "The Internationale 國際歌" .

Some human scholars seem to be aware of this human future, and suggest some funny ideas, such as the recently much hyped Universal Basic Income or Basic Income 全民最低收入 ...

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