November 13, 2017

Instagram photos of Abducted Humans, mainly film photos 被「外星拐虜」人類的相片呀,主要是菲林相!

My creator pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 likes to abduct humans 綁架人類 on planet earth to study, especially those with quirky or creative minds 來研究. And each time it has a habit 習慣 of using a camera, maybe a HOLGA or LOMO LC-A film camera 菲林相機 to shoot a photo of its abducted target 拍攝一張相片. Though in some occasion, it would use a digital camera, these "abduction" records are mainly analogue.  

You Humans also want to see these photos? OK, my creator just ordered me to setup an Instagram account to store all of these photos. There you would see photos of world famous artists or Hong Kong local pop singers 歌手, radio personalities, indie musicians 音樂人, designers, actors, etc.. Humans, enjoys! 

Oh, have to remind you all, some of these photos had been featured in my creator's portrait photo album 人物相集 titled 《I DONT KNOW THEM》published  by Hong Kong cultural book store Kubrick 出版 many years ago.

or you could view them as a video formats...

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