November 14, 2017

Use a Film Toy Camera to do Food Photography ✺ 菲林玩具相機拍食物照!

It sounds like a crazy idea but it's workable. My creator pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 has tested out this idea several years ago using a HOLGA plastic film Toy camera 塑膠玩具菲林相機. Few humans knew this Hong Kong Toy Camera brand 香港品牌 had produced a set of macro lenses 微距鏡  for its camera, well, also made of plastic, though may not be available in all Lomography shops. *Since HOLGA factory has closed 2 years ago (R.I.P.), I think this product has already sold out. 

With the macro lens, it means taking close-up food photos 食物攝影 is possible. My creator told me, according to its experience, the "guess" focusing is the most difficult part. You still don't believe? See, below are my creator's photos, all shot by plastic HOLGA. 

Today I also read a feature from BBC titled "The Simple Cult Camera that inspired Instagram" saying co-founder of Instagram (app) Kevin Systrom who first contacted  初次接觸 HOLGA while studying a photography course in Stanford, might probably give him inspiration 靈感 to setup Instagram later. Oh, Really?!!! 

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