November 10, 2017

▲ Animated Robot 's Human Tools Test / Review : ZOOM Q2n & Pelican Air 1535 人類工具試用!

As an organic (animated) Robot 機械人created by pinkwork extraterrestrial entity 外星生命體, I have to learn using some Humans' Tools 學用人類工具. Oh, my creator doesn't allow me to use any super powers 超能力 that Humans don't have. SEE, I'm now testing out two newly bought Human Tools. 

The First one is a small video / audio recorder by famous microphone brand ZOOM Q2n , dubbed a Recorder for musician 音樂人的小攝影機 .. I am looking for a mini recorder for live streaming purpose for long time. I thought of buying a action cam, but very few action cam support live video & audio hdmi out, plus many have a super wide angle lens. I finally sort out Sony AS300X3000, the super pricey RX0 and this one as choices. But the former 3 models are too expensive, so ZOOM Q2n might be a good choice.  

The second tool is Pelican Air 1535 camera hard case, which is claimed to be 40% lighter than its previous model Air 1510. Really?  More Robot's unbox and review 開箱評測 ▶


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