January 16, 2021

US Covid Relief Bill requires UFO Disclosure? ✫ Chinese New Year of the Ox 's Spring Cleanup found an old Alien Poster!

Lunar New Year of the Ox is less than a month away! While cleaning up my Space Ship, I found this old poster. HK legendary HipHop group LMF 's Prodip Leung gave it to my creator ~✶pinkwork™ extraterrestrial entity many years ago, & that weird creature in this poster...

Prodip said his design was inspired by a real Alien Abduction Incident in 1973﹝The Pascagoula Abduction﹞.

Talking about Aliens, a strange thing happened in this planet recently. The Covid-19 Relief Bill  just passed by US Congress includes a LAW that is not related to 'economic relief', but requires intelligent officials to disclose all UFO classified information to Congress within 180 days! 

There have already been many UFO, alien conspiracy theories / myths spreading among ordinary humans. Their origins are usually from some ex-government officials self-claimed witnesses, or humans who said they could communicate with Aliens directly through channeling.

Those theories include: The US Gov. had secretly hid alien corpses, UFO debris found in 1947 Rosewell Incident. There is an agreement between the US gov. & intelligent aliens, that allows them to abduct some humans to study. In return they would teach humans some advanced technology.

Well, why intelligent aliens need an agreement with humans? They could do whatever they want I think !!!

Another theory is some human ruling elites are extraterrestrial reptilian humanoids, including Queen Elizabeth II, the Bush gamily, CEOs of big banks ... etc. 

This saying makes me laugh. 'Reptiles' are cold-blooded animals. Unlike warm-blooded humans, they can't control their own body temperature. That means if outside temperature is too cold. They immediately need getting sunshine to keep their body temperature normal. In no way, they are superior to humans! Right?

Back to the highly anticipated Alien / UFO Disclosure, it has been done before. I shot a  VIDEO about a CIA declassified document revealing, in 1984 the CIA employed psychics to time travel to 1 Million Years B.C Mars through remote-viewing. These psychics at the time reported seeing pyramids, thin & tall martians ...

Another FBI declassified document also claimed inventor Nikola Tesla is a Venusian. (* that was just a record, not an official conclusion after investigation ! Venus is roughly the same size as earth, but its surface temp is 450°C, atmospheric pressure 92 times that of earth. If there are life, they must be floating in the cloud.

Recent alien theories seldom mention Venusian, Martians, etc.. Instead, talking more about beings from outer space, such as the Sirius. Maybe, you humans now know more about this Universe.

Anyway, reading those so-called declassified documents in the past. They are just text descriptions, photocopies of old papers, magazines ... not so mind-blowing at all. So I guess some jaw-dropping top secrets are still hidden.

Hope that the disclosure this time won't disappoint me, at least there would be some photos of real aliens, full explanations of all Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, UAP videos ... etc.!

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