December 6, 2020

Jupiter Saturn conjunction (new Christmas Star ✶)✹ predicts Wars, Disasters & End of the World?! ❆Happy 'pandemic' New Year 2021?! ~▲▲ Animated Robot TALK

Yeah, the Grand conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn will happen on Winter Solstice (Dec 21) . The last time these two stars came so close that could visually create a modern day 'Christmas Star" was 800 years ago!. 

Human astrologers worldwide all predict some BIG change, wars, natural disasters, or End of the World is coming. 

Astrologers are not scientists, but they think (or guess?) gravity of these two big planets will affect magnetic field of planet earth or minds of your species, leading to irrational behavior of humans, abnormal earth's core activity ... etc.. 

Well, similar kind of Doomsday prediction would emerge from time to time, especially this year. You humans have Covid-19 pandemic, president election arguments, protests, wildfires ... all sorts of trouble.

As a Robot created by  pinkwork™  extraterrestrial with a mission to collect intelligence about humans, I'm also curious about this phenomenon. Why you humans are so obsessed with apocalyptic theories? I think one main reason lies in the Bible 's Book of Revelation, which has detailed description of apocalyptic visions.

However, the strangest thing is, flipping through ancient Jewish texts, like ZoharSepher Yetzirah, etc., you seldom found any words related to Apocalypse, Satan ... 

Some of your religion scholars have suggested a theory, that origin of all these elements came from an ancient religion which is older than Buddhism, Judaism & far older than Christianity or Islam. That's the Zoroastrianism from Persia (Today Iran). *Want to know more about this religion, check with my previous article .

WHY these two religions are related? Around 539 BC, Persian King ~ Cyrus the Great defeated Babylon, freed the Jews from captivity, allowed them to return to their land & rebuild their temple (the Second Temple)  in Jerusalem. This 'foreigner' King is considered 'anointed by God', his name is mentioned many times in the Bible (eg. Isaiah 44:20, 45:1~4) . OH,  I know why many Israeli leaders nowadays likened Donald Trump to this King.

SO maybe, that's just a result of foreign culture influence, a secret deal between this new ruler & the Jewish leaders at the time or some other reasons. Many Zoroastrian concepts, such as Satan, angels, monotheism (believe in one supreme GOD), Messiahs, the final judgment, Apocalypse, Heaven & Hell were introduced in the Bible since then.

Of course, modern day Christian & Jewish religious leaders totally disagree with this theory. They said the Bible, Book of Isaiah was written long before the King Cyrus period, that were actually all predictions of prophet Isaiah

Well, it's hard to prove who is right. Like many human ancient religion sacred texts, GOD or Leader's messages were first transmitted orally, then written down by his followers after many many years. In many occasions, nobody know who is or are the authors & let alone the exact book completion date. 

 ▲ Khordeh Avesta, sacred book of Zoroastrianism,
written in Avestan, an ancient Iranian language 
(a branch of Indo-European Language family) .

Back to the recent doomsday prediction, do you humans still have the chance to celebrate Christmas & New Year of 2021?! Well, there're many possible ways that make this world end. One you usually think of is WAR. 

Don't Worry! According to my observation (from my spaceship),  one country named United States has giant lead in Science & Technology. There will never be a World War that could destroy this planet or cause human extinction.

Checking those so-called big Wars that involved the US in the last two decades. Though before each of these wars, media news headlines were all saying it will be a fight between two forces of equal strength, after several days you would quickly found US jet fighters or missiles flying over the enemy sky with zero confrontation.

How about another pandemic? I think it's quite unlikely that a new vital virus other than Covid-19 would suddenly emerge.  One exception is you humans in the end found out all of your newly-developed Covid-19 vaccines are useless or harmful. Since there are three types of Covid vaccines, each based on three different genetic science to develop (check my my previous article ). The chance that all fail is small.

Well, one greatest possibility I think of, that could make you humans suddenly go extinct is a giant devastating earthquake. Humans actually knew very little about the earth core, all the current theories, such as definition of so-called seismic zone were based on observations of the past several hundred years while this little planet is around 4.5 billion years old! 

If that day comes, no living beings could escape. In the meantime, I think you'd better enjoy your life, prepare for the coming 'pandemic' Christmas & New Year of 2021!

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