July 5, 2020

Multi-Camera Live Stream Cooking using an iPad 都可「多鏡頭✬角度」直播?! ...& lucky human Chloe So, Shiga Lin 幸運人類 蘇皓兒、連詩雅 ~✶✶ Animated Robot 's Casual Talk

Yeah, I found that many of my human friends who bought iPad or iPad pro with the initial intention to replace their notebook, in the end their Pads would end up lying on their bed most of the time, used as a video player only. Well, you know, not so many notebook's software could run on iOS.

That maybe why, one of my human friends recently gave me his iPad 2018 (cause he found he seldom used this Pad & also his iPad pro) . To explore its potential usage, I decided to use it to do a Live Stream Cooking 直播煮食 for my Client ~ CoCo who'd been working in French cast-iron cookware brand Le Creuset 鑄鐵鍋 品牌 for 4 years, and is founder 創辦 of HK online meat shop ~ Double Chefs Market

Client? Right! Though I'm a Robot created by pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體, I was told by my creator that I've to live like a human, so have to do some human job. 

Back to this 'Live Stream' project, I used an iOS app developed by Teradek named Live Air Action. This powerful app also allows me to do multi-camera switching 多鏡頭互換, cause it has a function to connect other iOS devices (iphone, ipad, ipod touch, etc.) through WiFi. My 1st impression of this apps is beyond expectation. I think I'll definitely use it more often in future.

To view full-length video, go to 
CoCo 's  YouTube: Cosi Cozz

Another interesting thing about Humans I 'abducted' ...  Recently I heard Hong Kong singer / actress Chloe So 蘇皓兒 & Shiga Lin 連詩雅 suddenly become a big Hit, well, because of their appearance on TV drama 《那些我愛過的人》. Congratulations to these two lucky humans !!  ...Maybe, my Creator would bring luck to humans ... it 'abducted' to study. 

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