December 11, 2019

Most Weirdest, if not Scariest Street Food in Hong Kong ?!! 香港 最恐怖 街頭小食 ~~ ★★ Animated Robot Talk

Each city in this planet has its own street food 街頭小食, but some are particularly scary 嚇人. Well, like these orange curls I’ve encountered in Hong Kong 香港 遇見. I knew, as an Intelligent Robot 機械人, I shouldn’t be scared of anything. At least, I have to say it’s the most weirdest 古怪.

Hey, they look like an art piece, not so scary or weird at all. Some humans would say. Well, but do you know what are these curls? They’re pig Uterus 豬輸卵管 !

Its name is Sang Cheung 生腸, in English means Raw Intestines. Yeah, they may look like intestines but they’re not. Actually, they are nearly tasteless 沒有味道 but with crunchy and rubbery texture. Then why HongKongers 香港人 love them so much? 

First, you have to know how to make 製作方法 this "delicious" street snack. Pig Uterus is first soaked in lye water ( alkaline solution 食用鹼水, which I guess is used to bleach 漂白 the Uterus) for some time, then washed with water, and seasoned with Chinese marinade 滷水汁, cooking wine, etc. To make it look more attractive, some food coloring 食用色素 is also added to stain 外層染成 its outside orange 橙色. 

The cooking process is fast and simple, put this "processed" pig Uterus in boiling water for several minutes 滾水焯熟, then placed under cold running water. These crunchy treats are usually eaten with Mustard and Hoisin Sauce 芥末及甜醬.

As what I said, these orange curls don’t have any taste 本身沒有味道. But the sauces stick to them have taste, so Hong Kong people seem to love the sauces instead! And this orange street snack family also has other members 還有其他成員, Chicken Leg 雞腳, Octopus 章魚, pig Liver 豬 & Chicken Kidney 雞. Wow, the stall owner quietly told me, the so-called "Chicken Kidney" is made of Turkey Kidney 火雞, which is much larger in size.

Humans from other places in this planet, are you interested to Try? I've decided to bring a few piece of this orange curls to my creator ~✶ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體. Maybe It would feel intrigued.


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