December 26, 2019

Just shot a 'Cinematic' B-Roll FOOD Video using my OSMO Pocket little camera!! ~▲▲ Animated Robot Play

Yeah, I was not doing this on purpose, just wanted to find something funny to kill the spare time while visiting my human friends' newly-opened online shop cum private kitchen (named Double Chefs Kitchen) in Hong Kong, planet Earth. Quite a coincidence, I brought with a DJI Osmo Pocket little camera that my creator ~pinkwork™ entity 外星生命體 gave me, so did this shooting experiment.

When talking about cinematic video, humans must think of pictures with bokeh (blurry out-of-focus background 淺景深 ) effect. The little DJI Osmo Pocket with tiny sensor seems not to be capable of doing this job. (BTW, hope the coming DJI Pocket 2 has a bigger sensor!) However, it's a gimbal camera and could shoot 120 fps super slow-motion video. I could still use this camera to make a cinematic like video, I thought.

Though it cannot shoot 'bokeh' video, I could instead create the atmosphere using appropriate lighting 燈光製造環境氣氛.  Well, of course it still has several limitations. First, this little camera has small CMOS sensor and very bad low light performance, meaning quite 'noisy' in high ISO 低光環境多雜訊. 

So bad I didn't have Aputure 300d, Light Doom II ... and other professional lighting equipment on hand. I just used my friend (the shop owner)'s two small Godox LED lights that she brought mainly for food product shooting. 

However, the main limitation of using this little camera I experienced in this shooting is the 'software' problem. I really hope DJI would update Osmo Pocket's firmware & its Mimo app in future, so that this camera has manual focus and focus peaking functions.  Well. the notorious mobile filming app ~ Filmic Pro already has these functions, I think DJI could easily add them in their shooting app !

Yes, I knew it has auto focus function, but shooting video with lots of movement, many people prefer focusing manually. Why? You could imagine if the camera keep focus hunting all the time during movement, suddenly in focus suddenly out of focus (also called focus breathing) . It will make the video clips unusable. 

To conclude, if update version of this little gimbal camera ~ maybe named Osmo Pocket II or Osmo Pocket Pro has 1-inch sensor and its shooting app has manual focus & focus peaking function. Yeah, it could definitely be used to shoot a Cinematic B Roll food video!

▼ BTW, I found the Ulanzi rig for Osmo Pocket is quite useful. 
Its screw mount at the bottom allows me to attach a mini tripod.
You know this little gimbal camera is very fragile.


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