July 8, 2019

✹✹~ I knew Why ethnic Chinese "Humans" don't want to admit They're Chinese 都不願認是中國人?! ~★ Animated Robot Talk

Haven't updated this blog for long long time. Let me found some topic related to You Humans to talk about. Oh, this topic might be quite interesting ... Why more & more Chinese humans 愈來愈多中國裔人類, including those living in Hong Kong 香港, Taiwan 台灣 & other countries, don't want to admit they are 不想認為自己是 Chinese 中國人 in recent years? A few Chinese just declared to build a Federal State of New China 新中國聯邦 (apparently they hate the OLD one) ... etc. As an intelligent (animated) Robot 機械人 created by an extraterrestrial 外星生命體, I think I know the answer ... SEE my explanation.

~✹Video (+ 中文subtitle)✹~

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As an Intelligent Robot, I guess the situation is quite similar to a Mother & Child relationship among Humans.

Well, all children are naughty. When a mother brings her young son to a restaurant. Her son would scream, run, throw things & make a huge mess. But she and all other customers in the restaurant could usually tolerate his behavior.

It is because they all expect when the child grows up, he would behave himself. But after 30 years, her son still do the same things.

One day, her adult son even tells her, he doesn't think he has any problem. That's the new "Universal Standard" all other Humans should follow. Please don't challenge him anymore.

This grown-up son became more and more confident, looks down on all other people except a few of his so-called friends. He doesn't notice these like-minded friends all have same moral standard, would easily betray him some day.

Gradually, this mother would not go to restaurant with her son anymore. She even try very hard to invent a New Theory, that says, though genetically she has some relationship with this adult human, culturally he is NOT her son according to modern definition. 

I totally understand this human behavior. Well, actually this mother doesn't need any new theory to justify her action. It is quite natural, human species would only like to associate themselves with things they admire or feel proud of. See, so many Humans claim they are descendants of ancient Atlantis!

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