July 9, 2019

▲ Commissioned Logo, Content, etc. Design Work for a Chef Duo 's Brand ~ Double Chefs Market

Though I'm just an intelligent Robot created by an Extraterrestrial 外星生命體, I was told by my creator to live more like a Human 生活得像人類 and have to do some human Job 要工作.

See, that are some commissioned content, including Logo, Branding, etc. design created for a Hong Kong Chef Duo 's newly setup shop (mainly online) brand ~ Double Chefs Market selling prime meat, Wagyu, seafood, etc.

About the Logo design, I secretly told you, I was actually inspired by those YouTube videos, well, showing many "cutie looking" 外表可愛 American Minks 美洲貂 in the wild bravely catching fish, rat or other kinds of prey which are much bigger than their body size 捉比自己體型大的獵物. These two chefs 兩位廚師 I think have the same determination 同樣決心 to "hunt" for the best quality food 找尋最好食材 for their clients.

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