November 21, 2018

▶Real TEST◀ Self-drawn Spiritual Guidance Cards ❤ 實測:插畫家自畫「心靈卡」✵ 預言 / 讀心力超強?!!

✶✶~ detected interesting conversation between two of my previous human Abductees 兩位人類對話, Hong Kong Illustrator 香港插畫家 KiKi Wong & Ah Kam 阿金 . KiKi says she just drew & published a set of spiritual guidance cards 心靈卡 using her own Comic Character 漫畫人物 named Seaman 海人 (a sea jelly), which could function like those Angel cards 天使卡, Tarot Cards 塔羅牌, etc..

As a Robot, I have no idea how these human tools are working and the theory behind 不明白這些人類工具. Why just a paper card 一張紙卡怎能 could help one human read another human's mind, looking into some human's fortune or even connect to the upper power?? ... Well, let me hear what KiKi & Ah Kam are chatting about, maybe I could get some clue 找到線索.

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