December 1, 2018

Animated Robot Chat with HK "ErHu Goddess" 二胡女神 陳璧沁 Chan Pik Sum in Space 在太空談心 ★!

This time my "abductee" is Hong Kong renowned ErHu Artist 香港二胡演奏家 B Chan Pik Sum 陳璧沁, being dubbed ErHo Goddess 二胡女神 by local medias . She is a graduate from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts 香港演藝學院 majoring GaoHu  高胡 and ErHu 二胡 (both are a type of HuQin 胡琴) performance, and was awarded a Master of Arts (Music) degree at the Chinese University of Hong Kong 中大音樂碩士.  After graduation, she has hold many hugely successful solo concerts in HK and overseas, and served as HuQin principal for several music ensembles & orchestra, including HK Youth Chinese Orchestra,

Apart from traditional Chinese music, Pik Sum would also do some cross-over performances with pop singers at times, well, such as last year 《青春常駐》"Music in Town" concert with pop star Hins Cheung 張敬軒.

OH, this talented Human didn't seem to be scared, & even took this chance to promote 趁機宣傳 her coming concert 《無界.無間》with world champion Harmonica player 口琴王子 CY Leo 何卓彥 in my spaceship 太空船上!

Each of my 1st time abductee has to answer this question:
Pik Sum 陳璧沁 : Do I believe Aliens exist?

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