December 29, 2021

★ My 2022 Predictions ~ New Year Extraterrestrial message to Humans ~ Metaverse will be a Flop? ~✹✹ pinkwork animated Robot

Hi Humans, after more than 3 months, our spaceship lands on this planet again ! See, my creator ~ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 also comes with us this time. First of all, wish you Humans, Happy New Year of 2022 ! 

Let me check, how fast you humans evolve during the past year. Any big Science or Tech news ...? 

Well, NFT (Non Fungible Token) must be the hottest topic ! If U want to know what's NFT, could go to check one of my previous articles on ~

The next big thing must be 'Metaverse 元宇宙'. This term first appeared in a 1992 sci-fi novel titled "Snow Crash". Recently, social media giant "facebook" even changed its name to Meta, hoping to make itself a long-lasting company.  But the word "Meta" in Hebrew means the opposite. SO many Hebrew speaking netizens ridicule this name lately.

Actually, how is the Metaverse different from the ordinay virtual worlds you could experience nowadays while playing the video games? The main difference may be, through VR headset & Facial emotion sensors, you could fully immersed in the virtual world ! 

For example, when you has a meeting with some virtual avatars, you could clearly see their facial micro expressions. Or you may come across a BIG ad. board while walking on a virtual street ... a fully immersive 3D virtual world. 

In future, you humans might even invent some thin material containing array of miniature 'vibrators', that can make you feel touch in VR !

Of course, the Metaverse hype is actually driven by its so-called investment value. Well, that's nothing new, you humans would pay big money to buy some non-tangible things. You're a social species. Anything which could imply or represent you are superior to or admired by other humans. Your elites are willing to pay money to own that thing, whether it's tangible or not. 

Such as, a vanity title, right to name a building or University ... etc. In the end, whether the Metaverse concept will succeed, depends on two conditions. 

First, how many humans participate in this 'virtual game'. Second, how much time each participant would stay in this virtual world ...

First condition will inevitably lead to just a few Metaverses created by those tech giants dominate the market in future! The Second condition ... I think will make this concept won't work at the moment.

Reason? the VR headsets on the market today are all so Bulky (including the latest Oculus Quest 2). Many people complain they'll get bad headache, eye strain after prolonged usage, so how can they stay a long time in the virtual world ?

Hope that next time I drive my spaceship to this little planet. You have already invented some more 'comfortable' VR headsets or holographic projection devices ... Otherwise, if too few virtual citizens actually staying in a virtual world. Those virtual lands, virtual advertisements ... won't have any real value ! 

OK, now I'm already in this physical planet. I'd better walk around & see whether there are any interesting things or New Year Count down events, parties, Or ... I 'abduct' several humans to my spaceship to 'study'. 

Bye Bye!

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