March 10, 2018

✹Out-of-Print 絕版 pinkwork™ Paper Zine / Art Paper 紙本創作 #8 : HK Best-Actress winner Stephy Tang 鄧麗欣 & ▲ Poet ▶《 Draw Me a Winter Tree》

YEAH, just found another issue of my creator's paper zine (titled PinkWork) published several years ago. As what I said before, each issue my creator would "abduct" 1~2 creative or quirky minded humans and then instruct them to do some improvised creations 即興隨意創作. 

For this issue (#8) , the theme 主題 is "Draw a Poem 畫一首詩". My creator invited an American born, Hong Kong & New Zealand based Poet cum Photographer cum Writer 詩人及攝影師~ Madeleine Marie Slavick to create a poem. Then Hong Kong singer /actress Stephy Tang 鄧麗欣 was invited to read this poem (titled Winter Tree) and make a drawing based on her inspiration from this poem immediately.

Stephy started off as a pop idol (former leader of girl group Cookies.), well, after several year of hard work, she just won the best actress award 最佳女主角 in 2018 HK Film Critics Society Awards 香港電影評論學會大獎. Send my extraterrestrial Congratulation to this female human!  

Stephy & poet Madeleine 's 
improvised creations

 My creator's abandoned 荒廢 Virtual City

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