March 13, 2018

A Sea of Yellow Flowers 一片黃色花海, Really? Nam Cheong Park 南昌公園 photo Snap ~☀

Passed by a photography Hotspot ~ Nam Cheong Park 深水埗 南昌公園 in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong today & snapped a photo ...

In a small city like HK, wherever there are bunch of trees or plants 只要有堆花草樹木 having bright colored 顏色鮮艷 flowers or leaves. Those places will soon be "heated up" by local lifestyle magazines, newspapers 成為攝影打卡熱點. Then, many humans will flock to these so-called Hotspots to shoot photos, some even bring with very professional gears. Yeah, today I saw people using carbon fibre tripod, Canon EF 70~200MM zoom Lens ... etc., to shot the Yellow Pui Trees 黃花風鈴木  in a Urban Park.

"A Sea of Yellow Flowers 一片黃色花海 " is a bit too exaggerated as what I saw  today, though I read many magazine features or people IGs said so. Actually, I was more attracted by the Blue Sky 藍天 .

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