December 10, 2017

Israel ✡ & Iran ☀ should be / were once great Friends! WHY? 伊朗、以色列猶太人原是好朋友!為什麼?~✶pinkwork™ animated Robot Talk

While I was watching my creator ~ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 's past space exploration videos in my space ship, I came to this conclusion. My creator is interested in anything related to humans, including your beliefs. It had done a study about an ancient human religion named Zoroastrianism 拜火教, which was once hugely popular in Persian 波斯 region (the modern day Iran 伊朗) and existed even before the birth of Judaism 猶太教 & Christianity 基督教.

Not only that I also found Jews & Iranians were great friends more than 2,500 years ago. The ancient Persian King - Cyrus the Great 居鲁士大帝 allowed the Jews (who were exiled in Babylonia at the time) 准許猶太人返回 return to Jerusalem 耶路撒冷 and re-build their Temple 聖殿 after he defeated 打敗 Babylonians 巴比倫. No wonder his name are mentioned so many time in human Bible 聖經.

Some human scholars said the concept of heaven & hell 天堂與地獄, angels & devil 天使與魔鬼, big judgement day 末日審判, etc. in modern Christianity, Judaism & Gnosticism were all originated from Zoroastrianism. The Christmas Three Wise Men from the East 東方三博士 in Bible Story were not Kings, but Zoroastrians either

However, after the Islamization ( Muslim conquest) of Persia happened around 7~8th century, numerous Iranian Zoroastrians were forced to convert to Muslim. A few escaped to India ... Fast forward to the modern day, Jews & Iranians were no longer friends, but enemies. 

Yes, humans is a kind of being so easily to forget things. Luckily enough, I am a Robot!

Cantonese 廣東話版本

My Creator had chatted 
with the highest priest of 
Hong Kong Zoroastrian Center,
detailed story  HERE

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