December 1, 2017

Creating ART on Site by "abducted" HK pop idol Fiona Sit 薛凱琪 & a Stranger 陌生人就地創作 ~✶pinkwork™ hard-copy Zine 紙本。

As you all know, my creator ~pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 likes to abduct humans 外星綁架人頖 to study.  The word "study" sometimes means not only about interview 訪問 or physical examination 身體檢查. On some occasion, my creator would not directly talk with its abducted targets, instead instruct them (usually abductees don't know each other) to finish some tasks, well, such as creating an art work together. 

Yeah, my creator seems also interested to know how you humans communicate with each other 互相溝通. For Instance, it had once abducted Hong Kong pop idol, singer cum actress  Fiona Sit 薛凱琪 & a visual artist Wanda Choi. The two strangers who had never met before 兩位初次見面的陌生人 were not allowed to talk 不准對話, just allowed to write or draw instantly based on their first impression on each other 依對對方的第一印象寫作或繪畫. 

My creator also published this "Art Creation" process as a hard-copy Paper Zine 紙本 titled "Text can/can't Express". Since this "abduction" incident happened many years ago, I just came across a few copies 只剩下幾份 left in my space ship Today. SO Humans don't ask me to give you a copy.

More details (flash required) 

Just a few copies of this hard-copy 印刷 
paper Zine 紙本創作 left in my space ship.
(Actual Dimension: 60cm x 42cm,
Folded Size: 20cm x 21cm)

Fiona Sit when she was still 
a newcomer仍是新人時。

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