April 7, 2021

My creator 's prediction is coming true ?! ▲▲~ US pushes "mandatory" Global Minimum Tax ▶◀ Universal Basic Income

My creator  ~ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 has predicted in several of his previous articles, that Artificial Intelligence will inevitably make human concept of "Jobs" become obsolete. Reason? Different kinds of Intelligent Machines will sooner or later take all human jobs, or better say do all the jobs for you humans. 

That should be a good thing! Right? The only problem lies in humans' heart. Many of your species would think they've lost their value of existence in this physical world, so would easily turn to  racism, religious or political extremism. 

UBI (Universal Basic Income) 全民基本收入 might be a possible solution. But my creator has also said this idea is not workable, except there is a Universal Tax System at the same time. Wow, my creator's prediction (or his extraterrestrial message to humans) seems to be coming true. The US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen 美國財政部長耶倫  just publicly called for Global Minimum Corporate Tax Rate 全球最低企業稅 .

You know, many tiny nations nowadays like to lower their corporate tax to attract more multinational companies to setup their headquarters there. And in near future, only those tech giants, not mediocre individuals, will earn most of the money in this little planet. Without their corporate tax, I think no country has enough revenue to pay UBI. 

Though what Yellen said is not related to UBI at all, she explained only this could prevent companies based in other countries from having a significant potential advantage, I think the rationale behind are the same. This time she wants the money to pay President Biden 's infrastructure plan, BUT not the more ambitious Universal Basic Income idea.

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