December 22, 2020

▲ 2 iPhones Multi-camera Cooking Live Streaming 'TEST' for a human Friend ( a Food & Travel Influencer ) ? ! ~✶✶Animated Robot PLAY 2021

Yeah, when talking about Live Streaming, every human would first think of the FREE & powerful OBS or StreamLab OBS. However, these OpenSource freewares all run on your desktop or labtop. My creator 's human friend ~ Chloe Lisa Kung want a more mobile setup. 

Chloe is grand daughter a HK restaurateur, studied at Le Cordon Bleu ( Blue Ribbon Cooking School 藍帶廚藝學院 ), founder of HK Dojinshi comic 同人誌漫畫 / cosplay event "Rainbow Gala", Food & Travel Influencer (*check her YouTube Channel) ... in short, a 'slasher' in modern term. 

Chloe said during travel, she prefers bringing as few items as possible. Therefore, she want me to experiment with using just two iphones to do a 'multi-camera' Live Streaming. Well, I don't get 2 iphones, so using an iphone plus a iPad (I think using an iPad Pro 2021 would be much better) to do this test.

First off, which App should I choose? If you're android phone users, you could choose CameraFi Live, an live stream App developed by a Korean company. For iOS users, I picked Airmix Solo (formerly named Live:Air Solo) by Taredek. The good news is CameraFi would charge you monthly while Airmix is totally free!

During the recent pandemic lock down, you may suddenly found many pop artists, singers turned home chefs appear on YouTube & demonstrate their cooking skills. Apart from shooting videos, some of them would also do live streaming, well, so as to have more real-time interaction with their target audiences.

I could tell you, especially when you're doing cooking live stream, a 'second' camera taking overhead shot or close-up of the food could make your stream content much more interesting.  As a Food & Travel Influencer, of course, Chloe knew very well about this little trick.    

Back to this test, I respectively installed Airmax Remote on my iphone & Airmax on iPad (this app could also run on iphone).  First, open Airmax Remote on iphone. Thi App could wirelessly transfer its camera image to my iPad using WiFi. Then open Airmax on iPad which allows you to switch camera (between iphone & iPad's), add watermark logo / images, text, pre-recorded videos, etc. while live streaming to facebook, youtube, twitch or any RMTP severs.  

Taredek is a US company specializes in manufacturing professional wireless video monitoring / cinema / broadcast equipment. After several trials, I would say this app is perfectly written & super easy to use. The only problem, according to my previous tests, lies in the user's own WiFi signal. 

Yeah, I found that if the WiFi speed is not fast enough, the second camera (in this test, it's my iphone) 's video image would look pixelated occasionally. Well, I think every wireless image transfer device would have this problem. Hopefully, this problem could be solved after Chloe upgrades her WiFi network in our next TEST. 

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