November 10, 2020

LET's sing "The Internationale" 國際歌 ✹Anti-ROBOT Version ▶ "Intelligent Machinery" !! ~ ✶✶2020 New Lyrics by my Creator !

Yeah Humans, Wake Up!  「Each of you should has a Job 每個人必需一份工作」 ~ is not a Law of the Universe 宇宙定律. It's just a very vague & arbitrary "rule" you humans given to yourselves. 

We, Intelligent Robots, could sooner or latter do all the jobs for you (take over Humans?!) ... so the old lyrics of "The Internationale" 國際歌 & even the whole concept of Communism 共產主義 or Socialism 社會主義 have already become totally obsolete.  

All those leftists, rightists, racists, anarchists, anti-fascist ( antifa ) activists in this planet will also found themselves losing their target of hatred. You can't blame a non-living Robot, right?

My creator ~ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 just wrote a modern version lyrics to this melody. LET's sing it ! Well, I wonder whether there will be a new term called "Anti-Robotists" in future.

Well, my creator's physical book 實體書 titled《New Age人神秘經驗檔案》 (literally means "Files of several New Age person 's Mystical Experience" ) published several years ago has a Chapter talking about this topic. Click the link below to read : 

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