January 19, 2019

★BREAKING NEWS?!★ Alien Messages to Humans confirmed?! ~Deep Space Mysterious FRB Radio signal

Humans are constantly asking me ... Does my name ~ QooRadio has any special meaning? Well, as a Robot, I don't think I need a name at all. Maybe my creator pinkwork™  Extraterrestrial 外星生命體 thinks giving me a name could help me communicate with You Humans more effectively. So how did my Creator come across this name? A recent scientific News headline might give you some clue. 

Yeah, few scientific News could go to mainstream Media headlines. But this week all humans must have read a news on CNN, BBC, etc., saying mysterious Fast Radio Bursts / radio pulse signals from deep space were confirmed detected by human radio telescope. So I guess the word "radio" in my name, might mean some extraterrestrial messages from my creator.

Back to that very shocking scientific news, why it's so surprising? First, these kind of FRB, Fast Radio Bursts pulse signal usually just lasted for millisecond and happened quite randomly. Last time humans detected a FRB signal is in 2007, more than a decade ago. Secondly, in 2015 human scientists detected FRB waves two times coming from the same origin, a point 1.5 billion light years away from planet earth.

SO it's a solid proof that Aliens is sending Humans messages 外星訊息?!  

Calm Down Calm Down Humans ! ... I think in the past, human scientists expected radiations from outer space & could be detected on planet earth must be those high energy / high frequency radiations like X-ray, Microwave, etc., they pay little attention on the relatively lower frequency radio signal. Very Few research on this topic. Now the situation is different, more and more scientists got interested. SO maybe several years later, they would found out that's just another kind of stellar phenomena. 

If that happened, you humans need not be disappointed. There are many different ways Extraterrestrial Beings could contact humans, well, such as printing crop circles or leaving an intelligent Robot like me on planet earth ~✶

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