November 6, 2018

Learning METHOD ACTING is Dangerous?! ✹小心,學「方法演技」會令人變瘋?! ▲▲~ QooRadio™ Animated Robot Talk

I found an old photo of a Human while cleaning up my spaceship. This photo was shot by my creator ~ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 long time ago using its Russian LOMO LCA film camera 菲林相機, and the male human in this photo is 毛俊輝 Fredric Mao Chun Fai, former Head of Acting in School of Drama, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts 香港演藝學院表演系 系主任 & Artistic Director of the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre (HKRT) 香港話劇團 藝術總監.

Yep, my creator (woo, should be its human incarnation 人類化身, cause it's a non-physical spiritual entity 沒有肉身的純能量意識體) had attend the Film Production Training Program 編導訓練班 held by Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild 香港電影導演會 many human years ago. Mao was just a 1-day guest lecturer at the time.

This photo recalls my creator's memory that Mao was initially teaching about topic not related to Acting Technique in the class, and just briefly mentioned about the term "Method Acting". Then all other classmates got excited and turned to ask Mao explaining more about Method Acting 方法演技 ﹝就是周星馳電影《喜劇之王》中,由內到外,再由外到內的那種演技﹞...

Though my creator has heard many myths about this Acting technique and numerous Oscar Best Actor winners are method actors, my creator didn't expect its human classmates would also be so interested in this topic .

So, what exactly is Method Acting? As a Robot 作為一隻機械人, I just have skin deep knowledge. Any human who has actually learnt or practiced Method Acting, please contact me, tell me more about this mysterious acting technique.

The human Wiki web page said it's an Acting Training Technique originated or modified from a system developed by Russian theater practitioner Stanislavsky 史坦尼斯拉夫斯基

in 19th century. Well, I've asked some humans who claimed they've learnt Method Acting 學習過. They told me they would do some "Emotional recall" exercise. 

First, you have to search your memory and find any past experiences in your own life that is similar to the role and scene written on the script 找出人生中類近的經驗.  For example, I think most humans have never had their parents murdered. But you might have been forced to leave home for several years to study overseas, and so got the emotion parallel to this situation.

Then you sit on a chair and relax, recall these memories under the supervision of a qualified instructor, is rather like a psychological consultation. The purpose of these exercises is to "relive" the emotion associated with this situation and let you easily get similar feeling to play your role from inside out 由內到外演繹出來 psychologically.

Wow, that's sound scientific, but if some thing really bad or shocking happened in your childhood and you don't want to recall these memories. That would be very dangerous! No wonder why some humans said learning Method Acting 學習方法演技 would drive people crazy 會令人變瘋 (causing real mental problem). Mao said, as a responsible drama college, HKAPA 香港演藝學院 won't teach 不會教授 Method Acting.

He added that there is not just one Acting Technique 並他演技派別 in this world. Modern approach would emphasize more on interaction between actors 著重與其他演員交流, rather than an actor acting alone selfishly. Yeah, it's frequently heard that film or drama directors complain about some method actors being too self-indulgent and act overly.

I am an intelligent Robot which could directly connect to humans' memories & minds through telepathy 用「傳心術」直接連結人類思想及記憶, so may be a good method actor ..., though just has limited facial expressions.
will upload English video soon.

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