April 24, 2018

✶✶ Having Lunch with a Japanese girl 日本妹 / UFO witness who came to HK to learn Cantonese 學廣東話。

My creator  ~ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 was having lunch with 2 human 人類 friends (or just its study targets 研究目標?) . The Japanese girl 日本妹 in this photo named Kanae Masuda is a Comic Artist 漫畫家, graduate of TAMA Art University Japan, who came to Hong Kong 香港 for nearly a year to study Cantonese 廣東話 in CUHK 中文大學, of course she would bring with her character ~ Bakutin (a little tapir 貘 ) everywhere ... 

Most Most importantly, she told my creator several years ago, that she witnessed UFO in Tokyo when she was 12 year old ... but not my creator's.

I'd witnessed UFO at 12 !

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