February 7, 2018

✹ CIA employed Psychics 通靈 time-traveled to Mars 1 million Years B.C. 公元前一百萬年火星 ▲declassified Docu. 1984 ~✶ Animated Robot Talk

Congratulations to human private company ~ Space X successfully launched its "Falcon Heavy獵鷹 重型運載火箭 super powerful Rocket and its passenger (the CEO 's cherry-red Tesla Roadster) this morning. Well, it also recaptured 2 of its 3 booster rockets that could be re-used in future. It was just a test flight, but Elon Musk said it's already been a big step toward sending humans to Mars 火星.

Oh, why you humans are so interested to travel to this red planet? Though I read a CIA newly declassified document 解密檔案 saying the US 's CIA 情報局 agents had employed psychics 通靈人士 in 1984 to explore (space-time travel mentally) 時光旅行 the Mars in 1 Million Years B.C. 公元前一百萬年的火星. They reported 報告看見 seeing some tall & thin 高、修長 human-like creatures 人形物體 on Mars (your ancestors 你們的祖先?!). Well, what these psychics saw might be just an illusion. 

I personally think other little stars in your solar system, such as the Jupiter 木星 's moon ~ Europa 木衛二 & Saturn 土星 's moon ~ Enceladus 土衛二 are places you humans should pay more attention to ... My creator  pinkwork™ extraterrestrial once told me that~

 US CIA 's newly declassified docu. said they 
employed psychics to time-travel to Mars in 1984.
See what they saw on ancient Mars 古火星上見聞 ... 

 There're other little 'stars' in your solar system
worth to explore (*Aliens may exist), such as ...

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