November 8, 2017

Why my Creator ~✶pinkwork™ entity has a nickname "pink Cat 粉紅貓" among Humans?!

Why my Creator ~ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial entity 外星生命體 has a nickname "pinkcat" 別名「粉紅貓」among some Humans? I am an organic Robot created by it, so has the responsibility to explain everything about my creator to humans. Though my creator doesn't quite like this nickname.

Well, actually the answer had been written in an article titled "The Origin of CAT" on one of ITs published book 《New Age人神秘經驗檔案》(in English is "Files of New Age People’s Mystical Experiences"), sold in Hong Kong Book Fair 香港書展 around 2 years ago. *See the highlighted part.

The Origin of CAT
*a fictional legend

One afternoon on ancient earth 遠古地球一個正午, a beam of bright white light cut through the sky 天空一束強光. Humans on the plains around the pyramid all look up, had no idea what happened. While they sere still thinking, a kid screamed out, with his little hand pointing to the pyramid tip 金字塔尖. Then all people 's attention were drawn to the "capstone", where an unknown human-like shinning being 發光人形生命體 was standing. Took a closer look, there were several whiskers on its face 面有觸鬚. Its mouth was extraordinarily small, however, when opened and exposed its sharp long teeth, it looked oddly big and was making some very scary high-pitched scraping sound 發出刺耳高頻聲.

The humans did not know who this being was and what it wanted to do. Covered by bright white light, it was hard to see its face clearly. Through their half-closed eyes, they could vaguely see it had two big eyes 大眼, both were showing some changing patterns 不停變化的圖案. No human knew what these patterns meant, but a prolonged gaze would had one's mind easily get hijacked 望久了,思想會被控制.

This being did not say a word, but some humans said they received a telepathic message from it and immediately shared with their companions. The message was about a warning that humans had better not looking at it directly 別直望牠. Whenever it got a bad mood 心情不好, its two big eyes would emit death rays in pink color 發出粉紅色死光, which could vaporize all physical substances it saw into nothing 能將一切化為灰燼.

Humans on the ground were eagerly waiting for its next move, but it just kept standing. After a long time silence, suddenly a beam of white light went from the pyramid tip straight up into the sky. Then both the light and the unknown being all gone without a trace 消失. The curious human crowds were a bit disappointed. When they were about to disperse, they saw a little black cat小黑貓 emerged from the pyramid top, running and jumping to the ground 跑跑跳跳下來. Once it touched the ground, it stopped and looked around, made a stretch 伸懶腰 and finally walked into the crowds.

The humans now suddenly remembered face of the shinning being they had just seen, was a bit like a cat's face. That little black cat was a gift it left behind for humans 給人類的禮物? or at the moment this 100% spiritual extraterrestrial 純能量外星生命體 traveled to this material planet, coincidentally 剛巧 there was a sleeping cat 在睡覺的小貓 on the pyramid tip. To make itself look more friendly, it decided to appear in a form that humans were more familiar with 以人類熟識的形象顯現? ... or cats were actually created by this being in its own image 依自己形象創造出來的?

Ancient humans had limited intelligence and simple minds. They'd never thought about these questions. But since then 從此, humans had worshiped CATS like GOD 把貓當作神來敬拜。

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