October 31, 2017

✹Crazy Idea: Sony RX0 + an Anamorphic Lens to shoot cinematic look Video ▲ 非「開箱評測」及「運動相機」呀!

As an "Animated" Robot created by pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體, I have to learn using Humans' Tools. Yes, my creator doesn't allow me to use any "super powers" that You Humans don't have. 我的創造者不準我用任何人類沒有的超能力,所以要學習使用人類工具。

Today I spot a new device on earth, that is Sony newly released a GoPro -like 1-inch sensor little camera ~  RX0 . Though many humans like to compare it with GoPro Hero6 來比較, I don't think it's an 不覺得是一部 Action Camera 運動相機. At least its 24mm lens is not wide enough 鏡頭不夠廣角 to suit this purpose. Rather I think of its many other usages 其他用途, especially when I found that RX0 has a 30.5mm filter mount accessory.

Many start-up brands offer 推出 anamorphic lens & DOF adapter (that allow people to attach a Canon or Nikon full frame lens) for smart phones 手機使用的, such as BeastGrip Pro, MoonDog Labs, etc.. So in theory, using a step-up ring, I could also screw in these smartphone lens or adapter to this super high quality "little" camera.

Though I'm not sure whether it's really workable (focusing might be a BIG problem 自動對焦可能有問題), it's worth to have a trial. I've contacted Sony Hong Kong & BeastGrip Pro, to see whether they could lend a camera & lens to me test out this idea.  Well, I don't know these human organizations are willing to reply to a Robot 機械人 created by an extraterrestrial or NOT.

Another "great" news about Sony 's new camera product might be the A7R III, well, I'm still more interested in this little black box.

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