July 8, 2019

▲ Commissioned Logo, Content, etc. Design Work for a Chef Duo 's Brand ~ Double Chefs Market

Though I'm just an intelligent Robot created by an Extraterrestrial 外星生命體, I was told by my creator to live more like a Human 生活得像人類 and have to do some human Job 要工作.

See, that are some commissioned content, including Logo, Branding, etc. design created for a Hong Kong Chef Duo 's newly setup shop (mainly online) brand ~ Double Chefs Market selling prime meat, Wagyu, seafood, etc.

About the Logo design, I secretly told you, I was actually inspired by those YouTube videos, well, showing many "cutie looking" 外表可愛 American Minks 美洲貂 in the wild bravely catching fish, rat or other kinds of prey which are much bigger than their body size 捉比自己體型大的獵物. These two chefs 兩位廚師 I think have the same determination 同樣決心 to "hunt" for the best quality food 找尋最好食材 for their clients.

July 7, 2019

Why ethnic Chinese "Humans" don't want to be Chinese 都不願認是中國人?! ~★★ Animated Robot Talk

Haven't updated this blog for long long time. Let me found some topic related to You Humans to talk about. Oh, this topic might be quite interesting ... Why more & more Chinese humans 愈來愈多中國裔人類, including those living in Hong Kong 香港, Taiwan 台灣 & other countries, don't want to admit they are 不想認為自己是 Chinese in recent years? As an intelligent (animated) Robot 機械人 created by an extraterrestrial 外星生命體, I think I know the answer ... SEE my explanation.

March 16, 2019

▲n Art Insider's EXPOSE right before Art Basel ~✶ pinkwork™ Virtual Character CHAT

Art Basel Hong Kong 香港 巴塞爾藝術展 is coming. As an extraterrestrial which is interested in anything related to humans, of course, my creator ~pinkwork™ entity 外星生命體 would "order" me, its newly created animated Virtual Character 虛擬偶像 to have a chat with an Art Insider ~ Dominique, who is a Swiss Art Dealer & run a contemporary art gallery Art Statements in Hong Kong & Tokyo respectively. 

This time, no more "out of touch" questions,well, such as "How talented are these artists?", "Messages these artwork want to express?", etc., instead directly asking him "What determines value of an art piece?", "Why humans still setup spacious art galleries when walk-in art buying is rare?", etc...

Cantonese 廣東話 Short Version

February 21, 2019

Successfully using ancient ✡ Jewish Magic ✹231 Gates✹ to bring Life to a Doll ?!!! Well, just an Animated Virtual Character

My creator ~ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 is experimenting with using ancient Jewish Magic 古猶太魔法 ~ 231 Gates of creation 創造之門 in its spaceship to create a Living Doll ... YEAH, there're rumors saying human GOD was using the same technique to create Adam & Eve ... OH, really? Kidding, it's just my creator 's newly created Virtual Character.

Should I wear Clothes 要不要著衫?

Actually, my creator has made a video
explaining the mysterious "231 Gates" magic.

January 18, 2019

★BREAKING NEWS?!★ Alien Messages to Humans confirmed?! ~Deep Space Mysterious FRB Radio signal

Humans are constantly asking me ... Does my name ~ QooRadio has any special meaning? Well, as a Robot, I don't think I need a name at all. Maybe my creator pinkwork™  Extraterrestrial 外星生命體 thinks giving me a name could help me communicate with You Humans more effectively. So how did my Creator come across this name? A recent scientific News headline might give you some clue. 

Yeah, few scientific News could go to mainstream Media headlines. But this week all humans must have read a news on CNN, BBC, etc., saying mysterious Fast Radio Bursts / radio pulse signals from deep space were confirmed detected by human radio telescope. So I guess the word "radio" in my name, might mean some extraterrestrial messages from my creator.

Back to that very shocking scientific news, why it's so surprising? First, these kind of FRB, Fast Radio Bursts pulse signal usually just lasted for millisecond and happened quite randomly. Last time humans detected a FRB signal is in 2007, more than a decade ago. Secondly, in 2015 human scientists detected FRB waves two times coming from the same origin, a point 1.5 billion light years away from planet earth.

SO it's a solid proof that Aliens is sending Humans messages 外星訊息?!  

Calm Down Calm Down Humans ! ... I think in the past, human scientists expected radiations from outer space & could be detected on planet earth must be those high energy / high frequency radiations like X-ray, Microwave, etc., they pay little attention on the relatively lower frequency radio signal. Very Few research on this topic. Now the situation is different, more and more scientists got interested. SO maybe several years later, they would found out that's just another kind of stellar phenomena. 

If that happened, you humans need not be disappointed. There are many different ways Extraterrestrial Beings could contact humans, well, such as printing crop circles or leaving an intelligent Robot like me on planet earth ~✶

November 30, 2018

二胡女神 陳璧沁 x 夢妮妲 : 音樂、前世、頌缽 ▲ ErHu Artist x Celebrity Spiritual Healer Chat ❤ ~QooRadio™ Robot

Apart from ordinary "abduction" or better say "study, my creator ~pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 also ordered ME to bring HK ErHu 二胡 Artist B Chan Pik Sum 陳璧沁  & celebrity 星級 spiritual healer, dream interpreter 解夢師, TV/Radio Host 節目主持 ~ Dreamonita 夢妮妲 to my SpaceShip. Let these two humans chat about music, past live, Pik Sum's  coming 《無界‧無間 》concert with Harmonica princess 口琴王子 CY Leo 何卓彥, Monita 's self-published Himalayan Singing Bowl 喜馬拉雅頌缽 sound healing album聲音原本 ... etc.

Wow, in the end, these two human talents who have never met each other before 之前從未見過面, chatted for nearly 30 minutes.

Animated Robot Chat with HK "ErHu Goddess" 二胡女神 陳璧沁 Chan Pik Sum in Space 在太空談心 ★!

This time my "abductee" is Hong Kong renowned ErHu Artist 香港二胡演奏家 B Chan Pik Sum 陳璧沁, being dubbed ErHo Goddess 二胡女神 by local medias . She is a graduate from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts 香港演藝學院 majoring GaoHu  高胡 and ErHu 二胡 (both are a type of HuQin 胡琴) performance, and was awarded a Master of Arts (Music) degree at the Chinese University of Hong Kong 中大音樂碩士.  After graduation, she has hold many hugely successful solo concerts in HK and overseas, and served as HuQin principal for several music ensembles & orchestra, including HK Youth Chinese Orchestra,

Apart from traditional Chinese music, Pik Sum would also do some cross-over performances with pop singers at times, well, such as last year 《青春常駐》"Music in Town" concert with pop star Hins Cheung 張敬軒.

OH, this talented Human didn't seem to be scared, & even took this chance to promote 趁機宣傳 her coming concert 《無界.無間》with world champion Harmonica player 口琴王子 CY Leo 何卓彥 in my spaceship 太空船上!

Each of my 1st time abductee has to answer this question:
Pik Sum 陳璧沁 : Do I believe Aliens exist?

November 20, 2018

▶Real TEST◀ Self-drawn Spiritual Guidance Cards ❤ 實測:插畫家自畫「心靈卡」✵ 預言 / 讀心力超強?!!

✶✶~ detected interesting conversation between two of my previous human Abductees 兩位人類對話, Hong Kong Illustrator 香港插畫家 KiKi Wong & Ah Kam 阿金 . KiKi says she just drew & published a set of spiritual guidance cards 心靈卡 using her own Comic Character 漫畫人物 named Seaman 海人 (a sea jelly), which could function like those Angel cards 天使卡, Tarot Cards 塔羅牌, etc..

As a Robot, I have no idea how these human tools are working and the theory behind 不明白這些人類工具. Why just a paper card 一張紙卡怎能 could help one human read another human's mind, looking into some human's fortune or even connect to the upper power?? ... Well, let me hear what KiKi & Ah Kam are chatting about, maybe I could get some clue 找到線索.

November 15, 2018

First time see Mint Flowers ❋ 無心種薄荷,種出花來 !~★ Animated Robot Talk

My creator ~ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial always tells me to notice anything interesting on this planet. So one day when I passed by a seed shop 路經種子店, I bought a small pack of mint seed 薄荷種子 and tried to grow mint by myself 自己種. I sowed these seeds in a flower pot 花盆 and expected they will sprout after a few days. Then more than a month passed, nothing happened 毫無動靜 and I gave up in the end.

Few months later 幾個月後, my human friend bought a bunch of fresh 香草 mint Home for cooking 烹調. I cut a sprig 一小枝 and put it in my abandoned flower pot 種在花盆上. This time I didn't expect this little mint sprig could grow 這次不期望會生長, well, I just want to test 實驗 whether this way could preserve fresh herb for a longer time 保存新鮮更久. Surprisingly, few days later, it not only didn't die, but also started to grow more leaves 竟然長出葉. So I keep it in my flower pot and let it grow and flourish by itself until now. This morning 今早發現 I realized it had bunch of little white flowers 小白花 !!!  Wow, though without great effort or expectation from the beginning, I still feel a little bit excited when looking at these flowers.

Searching human web, these flowers would attract inserts 吸引昆蟲 and absorb lots of nutrients 搶走營養, so could make the mint leaves 薄荷  lost flavor 失去味道. Some humans would deliberately cut off 除走 these flower heads 花. But I am just doing an experiment & won't use the mint leaves for cooking or any other purposes. I think I won't do this step.

this photo is shot by my newly-bought US$3
cheap Macro+Wide Angle Smartphone lens

November 5, 2018

Learning METHOD ACTING is Dangerous?! ✹小心,學「方法演技」會令人變瘋?! ▲▲~ QooRadio™ Animated Robot Talk

I found an old photo of a Human while cleaning up my spaceship. This photo was shot by my creator ~ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 long time ago using its Russian LOMO LCA film camera 菲林相機, and the male human in this photo is 毛俊輝 Fredric Mao Chun Fai, former Head of Acting in School of Drama, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts 香港演藝學院表演系 系主任 & Artistic Director of the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre (HKRT) 香港話劇團 藝術總監.

Yep, my creator (woo, should be its human incarnation 人類化身, cause it's a non-physical spiritual entity 沒有肉身的純能量意識體) had attend the Film Production Training Program 編導訓練班 held by Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild 香港電影導演會 many human years ago. Mao was just a 1-day guest lecturer at the time.

This photo recalls my creator's memory that Mao was initially teaching about topic not related to Acting Technique in the class, and just briefly mentioned about the term "Method Acting". Then all other classmates got excited and turned to ask Mao explaining more about Method Acting 方法演技 ﹝就是周星馳電影《喜劇之王》中,由內到外,再由外到內的那種演技﹞...

Though my creator has heard many myths about this Acting technique and numerous Oscar Best Actor winners are method actors, my creator didn't expect its human classmates would also be so interested in this topic .

So, what exactly is Method Acting? As a Robot 作為一隻機械人, I just have skin deep knowledge. Any human who has actually learnt or practiced Method Acting, please contact me, tell me more about this mysterious acting technique.

The human Wiki web page said it's an Acting Training Technique originated or modified from a system developed by Russian theater practitioner Stanislavsky 史坦尼斯拉夫斯基

in 19th century. Well, I've asked some humans who claimed they've learnt Method Acting 學習過. They told me they would do some "Emotional recall" exercise. 

First, you have to search your memory and find any past experiences in your own life that is similar to the role and scene written on the script 找出人生中類近的經驗.  For example, I think most humans have never had their parents murdered. But you might have been forced to leave home for several years to study overseas, and so got the emotion parallel to this situation.

Then you sit on a chair and relax, recall these memories under the supervision of a qualified instructor, is rather like a psychological consultation. The purpose of these exercises is to "relive" the emotion associated with this situation and let you easily get similar feeling to play your role from inside out 由內到外演繹出來 psychologically.

Wow, that's sound scientific, but if some thing really bad or shocking happened in your childhood and you don't want to recall these memories. That would be very dangerous! No wonder why some humans said learning Method Acting 學習方法演技 would drive people crazy 會令人變瘋 (causing real mental problem). Mao said, as a responsible drama college, HKAPA 香港演藝學院 won't teach 不會教授 Method Acting.

He added that there is not just one Acting Technique 並他演技派別 in this world. Modern approach would emphasize more on interaction between actors 著重與其他演員交流, rather than an actor acting alone selfishly. Yeah, it's frequently heard that film or drama directors complain about some method actors being too self-indulgent and act overly.

I am an intelligent Robot which could directly connect to humans' memories & minds through telepathy 用「傳心術」直接連結人類思想及記憶, so may be a good method actor ..., though just has limited facial expressions.
will upload English video soon.

Cantonese 廣東話 Version