October 19, 2018

Japanese Rice Wine ✺ Sake Classification Grades EXPLAIN 日本清酒級別..怎樣分!~✶✶ Animated Robot 's Human Food Talk

My creator ~✶pinkwork™ extraterrestrial reminds ME from time to time, that IT created ME, an Intelligent (animated) Robot with a pre-programmed mission to study interesting things related to Humans, such as what they eat & drink. Drink? Yeah, Human races in different part of this planet, including early human species were/are all obsessed with drinking alcohol. 

The reason is a mystery. I guess one reason is the chemical process to create alcohol (Alcoholic fermentation), that is Yeast 酵母 + Sugar 糖 = Carbon Dioxide gas 二氧化碳 +  Alcohol 酒精 would occur in nature 自然界也會發生, not only in Labs 實驗室.  Sources of sugar could come from fruits, like grape, sugarcane, etc. or starch-rich 澱粉質豐富的 plants like potato, grain, rice, etc.. By simple observation, trial & error, early humans could easily know the process to make alcohol.

Different sugar source would result in different type of alcohol. For instance, Wine made from Grape, Beer from Malt, Vodka from Potato or Sugarcane & Japanese Sake 清酒 from Rice...etc.

Talking about Sake にほんしゅ , my creator remembers several years ago IT had joined May Lam Wai Mei 林慧美, a Hong Kong notable Japanese lifestyle writer, TV Host and qualified "Sake Sommelier"侍酒師  to attend a Sake Tasting (should be called Marketing) event. See the photo series above, She seemed to get drunk on the spot?! 

Well, How to define a bottle of Sake is good or bad? Let me, a Robot, explain to you Humans. It depends on the proportion of the outer part of each grain of rice being milled away (removed) before Brewing 釀造前,每粒米粒外層被磨走的比例, the so-called Seimaibuai (Polish Rate) 精米率. Though nutritionists always say the outer layer of a grain is rich in fiber, proteins, fats & amino acids, good for your health 營養師常說殼物外層有益, these impurities would adversely affect the fermentation process and lead to strange flavors 外層雜質影響發酵.

Only the inner part of a grain of rice is rich in starch 米芯部份澱粉質才最豐富. So milling away these outer impurities before fermentation would result in cleaner & more refined sake. For Daiginjo-shu 大吟釀 grade Sake, 50% ~ 65% of each grain is milled away,  Ginjo-shu 吟釀 is 40%, Junmai-shu 純米酒 or Honjozo-shu 本釀造酒 is 30%. The word Junmai 純米 added before each grade name 級別前加上 means no alcohol is added during the final stage of the brewing process 代表釀造時沒略外加酒精.

Then why adding alcohol? Not just for increasing yields, also helps the fermentation process bringing out more aromatic and flavorful compounds. However, some sake drinkers think that is not traditional enough, and so prefer 較喜歡 Junmai Daiginjo-shu 純米大吟釀 than Daiginjo-shu 大吟釀. Usually, this human preference has been reflected on the sakes' prices already.

different sugar source would result in 
different type of wine, but the fermentation
equation is the same. To understand this 
maybe humans' favorite drink, my creator
had attend many wine tasting & food 
pairing events in the past.

October 16, 2018

✹✹ Wow, Friendliest & Cutest Creature on planet Earth ~ Capybara 水豚 ● 地球最友善、得意、療癒的生物!

 As a organic (animated) Robot created by pinkwork™ extraterrestrial, I would spot anything interesting on earth and report them to my creator, well, not limited to human stuff. Recently, I found a super cute and lovely living creature on this planet, named Capybara 水豚 . Not just about their appearance but their behavior. In the wild, oh, this semi-aquatic mammal are native to South America,  they are not only loved by many other animals. Birds & little Monkeys like to stand, lie or play on their back. They themselves are frequently seen chilling with crocodiles, one of their main predators.

That's why they're dubbed the friendliest, cutest & most adorable, healing animal 最友善、得意、可愛及療癒 on earth 地球生物! I really don't know why such kind of tame living creature won't go extinct. Keep them as Pet?  I know I know many humans would come across this idea. Search human web, I did find numerous videos showing them getting along very well with domestic Dogs & Cats. However, keeping this exotic pet is illegal in many places. At least your house should has a very Big water for them to swim. In the wild, Capybaras spend most of their time in water and they could grow up to more than 100 pounds.  Maybe, I would suggest my creator to abduct one to study in future. 

By the Way, Humans living in Hong Kong could see this adorable creature in Ocean Park 海洋公園 or 珠海長隆海洋王國 (get there through the newly-opened 新開幕 港珠澳大橋 HongKong Zhuhai Macao Bridge ??!!!) . In Japan, Capybara is so popular that some people has turned it into a hugely successful comic character 卡通人物 named Kapibarasan, カピバラさん, 水豚君.

▼ Cantonese 廣東話 Version

Apart from searching info. about this adorable creature, Woo, I even found a video showing a Pet 寵物 Cabybara eating Popsicle 雪條. What am I doing in my spaceship at the moment? Well, remember last time I "abduct" or better say chat with Hong Kong indie musician 獨立音樂人 turned audiophile vocalist Gloria Tang 歌莉雅 , she gave me her newly released album "Touching". I'm playing this album in my spaceship, learning how to appreciate human music. One interesting question about this type of HiFi album 發燒碟. Why those audiophile artists all seem prefer recording cover songs 翻唱歌? I have asked a world-renowned Jazz singer this question. She told me it's because her audiences want a standard to compare, they like to listen to how her performance style is different from other singers. So it's NOT just old songs sell better than new songs. OK, now don't disturb me, I'm enjoying human music. 

October 5, 2018

Virtual YouTuber ✶ Virtual Influencer ✶ Virtual KOL.. NOT that Virtual at all 不是那麼虛擬!! ~▲ QooRadio™ Robot Tech Talk

Though I was mistaken as a VTuber (Virtual YouTuber) by some humans at times, I'm actually an organic Robot created by pinkwork™ entity 外星生命體, which is a non physical extraterrestrial from an unknown dimension and interested to study things related to Humans. However, these trendy terms intrigue my creator so much, that it order me to explain in details to it.

Let's start from the term VTuber ( 虛擬YouTuber ), well, it's not so "Virtual" at all. Many Vtubers are 2D or 3D anime characters. BUT behind the scene, there is a real human 真人 actor with his/her head, elbows, hands, etc. attached with motion trackers. This actor's motion (performance) is recorded in a studio, then mapped over an animated character. In some cases, a professional voice actor is also required. Is there any social media Virtual Influencer / talent who is 100% Non-Human? 

 Don't mistake me as a VTuber, I'm a 
"real" Robot created by 
pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體

 Many popular VTubers are from Japan 日本, 
such as the Bilingual Ami Yamato "lives"

There are some emerging "fake" virtual influencers, especially on photo or short text sharing type social media, such as Instagram. Go check with the following IG accounts with million followers ~ Bermuda Miquela ...etc. If their text, reply and image posts were all automatically generated by an AI artificial Intelligent program, then it would become a new chapter of human beings. 

Many of these fake influencers are created by startups 初創公司 specialize in artificial intelligence 人工智能 and robotics. They seldom reveal the details, so we don't know whether it's 100 non-human. Well, looking at the rapid development of ChatBots 聊天機械人 (check this google Duplex VoiceBot demo), I'm quite sure they're aiming at this goal.  By the way, there are very few VTubers in Hong Kong 香港 to date.

September 24, 2018

「CULT歌之父」韋然 x HiFi女神 Gloria歌莉雅~談創作...月球上?MOON Chat between veteran & young singer-songwriters~▲pinkwork™ Videos

What's happening on the Moon Today ( the Mid-Autumn festival 中秋節 Holiday)? Well, two extraterrestrial Beings ( my creator pinkwork™ extraterrestrial  & ME, an animated Robot not a VTuber) are remote watching two creative humans on earth chatting about their music career ... 

They're HK veteran songwriter 香港第一代音樂創作人 Wai Yin 韋然  aka Paul Knight / nicknamed 香港兒歌之父 & indie musician turned top-selling audiophile vocalist HiFi女神 Gloria Tang 歌莉雅 aka GoodAfternoonGloria. Wai Yin has created numerous popular Cantonese / English Children's Songs 兒歌 & Big-hit Cult songs in Hong Kong during the past 30 years, including "何家小雞何家猜", "小明上廣州",  "我向你求婚", "搖到外婆橋", "小明搭高鐵", "Donkey Donkey". "Apple Round, Apple Red" ... to name a few.  These 2 talented Humans are sharing their experience about how to start-off their career and deal with the "extremely" low royalty fee in the modern "streaming" age ...  !

* This animation/video series is an Art Concept by pinkwork

▲ HK Audiophile Vocalist & pinkwork™ Animated Robot CHAT
Gloria Tang 歌莉雅 & 外星機械人✶✶對話?

Gloria 歌莉雅 : Do I believe Aliens exist?

August 14, 2018

港女夢中接觸古埃及Horus荷魯斯神!?OH, we've contacted Egyptian Gods / Goddesses ?! ~★

These two female humans 兩位港女 from Hong Kong, namely KiKi Wong & Ah Kam 阿金 are so into ancient Egyptian Mythology 古埃及神話, that they would travel to 埃及 Egypt, well, NOT just for sight-seeing purpose. KiKi who is an illustrator 香港插畫家 would join spiritual tours and did series of meditations 冥想 near or inside the pyramids 金字塔 / temples 神殿 almost every year. Ah Kam are hosting programs related to Ancient Egypt, UFO,  conspiracy theory 陰謀論, etc. on some online radios from time to time.  

They said to my creator ~✶ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 recently, they think they've contacted 埃及 Horus 荷魯斯神 in their dreams & during meditations respectively. Oh, really? My creator immediately ordered me (an animated Robot) to "abduct"  外星綁架 them to study ...

July 19, 2018

HK celebrity spiritual healer 夢妮妲 's sexy ASMR「顱內高潮」式 Eating Noodle 試食。麵!~✶Robot Talk ( 廣東話 Cantonese)

✹✹ My creator ~ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial just ordered ME, an Intelligent Robot to "abduct" its human friend ~ Hong Kong 香港 Radio personality / celebrity spiritual healer 夢妮妲 Dreamonita to shoot a recently much-hyped 新潮流 ASMR ( Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response ) video. In Chinese, this term is translated as 自發性知覺高潮 , 自發性經絡反應, 顱內高潮, 大腦按摩 , etc..

Oh, Humans like to invent some weird terms to make simple things sound more professional or scientific. For my creator, ASMR just means "whispering" into a camera or making soft /crunchy sounds, such as eating, brushing hair, folding towels, etc. 

Some people say watching these videos has relaxing or even "brain orgasms" 顱內高潮 feeling, though there was still little scientific evidence to prove this phenomenon.

SEE, Monita is tasting a bowl of Cantonese fish slice noodle 魚片麵 plus deep fried fish skin 炸魚皮 in ASMR style. Near the end of this video, Monita will chat with me and explain in details What's ASMR? 甚麼是自發性知覺高潮」?.

* Audio recorded 錄音 by my ZOOM Q2n

May 7, 2018

▲▲Hong Kong Wet Market 行香港濕街市 35mm Film Photo Series 菲林相片系列

My creator ~ ✶pinkwork™ extraterrestrial just found this Hong Kong Wet Market 香港行濕街市 35mm film 菲林 Photo Series 無聊相片系列 ... shot few years ago (but IT totally forgot this female human 's name) and had been featured in one of my creator's published photo book 相集. 

Humans, enjoys.

April 23, 2018

✶✶ Having Lunch with a Japanese girl 日本妹 / UFO witness who came to HK to learn Cantonese 學廣東話。

My creator  ~ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星生命體 was having lunch with 2 human 人類 friends (or just its study targets 研究目標?) . The Japanese girl 日本妹 in this photo named Kanae Masuda is a Comic Artist 漫畫家, graduate of TAMA Art University Japan, who came to Hong Kong 香港 for nearly a year to study Cantonese 廣東話 in CUHK 中文大學, of course she would bring with her character ~ Bakutin (a little tapir 貘 ) everywhere ... 

Most Most importantly, she told my creator several years ago, that she witnessed UFO in Tokyo when she was 12 year old ... but not my creator's.

I'd witnessed UFO at 12 !

April 10, 2018

✹✹ Simplest Explain :▷ Bitcoin 比特幣, CryptoCurrency 數碼貨幣 & BlockChain 區塊鏈 ~✶animated Robot / VTuber TechTalk

Yeah, my creator ~✶pinkwork™  extraterrestrial asked me this question Today ▶ What're Bitcoin 比特幣, Cryptocurrency 數碼貨幣 & the related BlockChain 區塊鏈 technology? As a Robot 機械人 created by it, I've tried to use the most simple (really?) way to explain these human trendy terms to IT.  

First you have to make clear, Bitcoin is just one type of CryptoCurrencies, and most CryptoCurrencies are built on the BlockChain Technology.

Cantonese Version

March 13, 2018

A Sea of Yellow Flowers 一片黃色花海, Really? Nam Cheong Park 南昌公園 photo Snap ~☀

Passed by a photography Hotspot ~ Nam Cheong Park 深水埗 南昌公園 in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong today & snapped a photo ...

In a small city like HK, wherever there are bunch of trees or plants 只要有堆花草樹木 having bright colored 顏色鮮艷 flowers or leaves. Those places will soon be "heated up" by local lifestyle magazines, newspapers 成為攝影打卡熱點. Then, many humans will flock to these so-called Hotspots to shoot photos, some even bring with very professional gears. Yeah, today I saw people using carbon fibre tripod, Canon EF 70~200MM zoom Lens ... etc., to shot the Yellow Pui Trees 黃花風鈴木  in a Urban Park.

"A Sea of Yellow Flowers 一片黃色花海 " is a bit too exaggerated as what I saw  today, though I read many magazine features or people IGs said so. Actually, I was more attracted by the Blue Sky 藍天 .